Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Comparison Screens Will Make You Want To Pour Imulsion Into Your Eyes

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition looks like a Dreamcast-era downgrade in these comparison screens.

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hello121034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

A screenshot of water on the 360 and xbox one is this even news worthy really?

IF you think the 360 multiplayer looks better than the x box one multiplayer you most likely an idiot or pushing an agenda.

Dead [email protected] Who cares about the water when your playing the multiplayer its one of most unlooked features i can think of. Why don't you take some screenshots of the map were players play and compare? Lot of new work has been done to this game its sad sites try to downplay it for clicks.

dead_pixels1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

No agenda here, as the article itself states we're sure the final game will look fantastic. However, the disparity in those pictures is real, and it's huge. The fact that this is a beta of a modern remake of a decade old game absolutely makes such a drastic visual downgrade worth noticing, even if it'll be ironed out by August.

Nirvana315911034d ago

Whoever wrote this article should stop writing articles.

spicelicka1034d ago

You could've done a little more work than posting two pics sitting at the toilet.

You could've talked about the art style, the contrast, the gritty graphics of the original vs. the more colorful graphics of the remaster. This was a joke of an article.

dead_pixels1034d ago

@Spicelicka - Are you seriously equating a complete lack of lighting effects in an area, bare textures and a landmass that's been excised from the shot entirely as a stylistic choice?

Just making sure.

JeffGUNZ1034d ago

@ Dead_Pixels

Are you completely missing the point this was a BETA and basically here to test the MP. You think this is the final build. This beta was for bug exploits and network connection. What a pointless article for a BETA. This is not a demo.

dead_pixels1034d ago

@JeffGunz Missing the point? It was mentioned explicitly in the article that these issues are likely confined to the beta and will likely be ironed out before the final release.

Bnet3431034d ago

This isn't a remake, this is an HD remaster. They are to only ever so slightly enhance the graphics. This only goes to show you how powerful the Xbox 360 was back in 2006. Raised the bar, even for PS3 games when the PS3 was a much more powerful system.

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_-EDMIX-_1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I don't know bud, that looks like some Dreamcast water to me. I'm sure the final game will be fine........on PC. lolz

PONTIAC08G8GT1034d ago

I'll be honest, I don't even know where that screenshot was taken from (within the game) because I'm to busy playing and killing the other team, not looking out into the ocean. First time I fired up the BETA on the X1 I said "wow, those graphics look awesome and its 60fps." I instantly knew the graphics on the X1 were leaps better than the 360. But I hate these types of comparisons. Like when BF4 was released on the X1 and PS4, people were comparing the detail in a branch or a crack on the street. Seriously?

BallsEye1033d ago

MS knows how to make remasters. No cheap higher res work. That's a real overhaul!

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lemoncake1034d ago

Wtf is this guy going on about? Flat, lifeless water on xbox one version? the water on the xbox one version is massively more animated with movement and waves. Has this snap judgement just come from viewing these screenshots and not seeing it in motion, sounds like it.

DarkOcelet1034d ago

See it in action. Its really badly animated. And the background is gone. Hopefully its done before release.

die_fiend1034d ago

It's amazing to see how the Xbone hardware is actually weaker than 360 in some instances!

Mikefizzled1034d ago

Theres a difference between weaker and being replaced by worse content. I think this is the latter.

SirJoJo1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I'll be honest, I'm playing the beta and enjoying it but I must say I was a little baffled by certain changes to the lighting and yes the water does move more on that map but IMO it doesn't look as good as the 360 version. Anyway it is a beta and multiplayer so lets reserve judgment for the final game.

ThePope1034d ago

Is the beta still going on?

SirJoJo1034d ago

Nope ended yesterday actually, I didn't even know! Theres me thinking I was going home afterwork to play. I guess not. (girlfriend taking up to much of my gaming time)

LonDonE1034d ago

Agreed i have the beta on x1 and it looks clean, crisp and crucially is super smooth at 60fps!
While i admit its surprising x1 isnt knocking these 360 games out at at 1080p60 with ease, regardless you gotta wait till the full game releases before judging!

And not sure what dreamcast the writer played, but my dreamcast defo dont have 1080p 60fps water effects as seen above lol.

Brunire1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

There are a few sights I can think of that call for imulsion to retinal contact, but this is not one of them.

Sm00thop1034d ago

I think people need to actually play the beta and then they'll see its a lot better than the 360 version. A lot of people on this site really go out of their way to bash anything on Xbox, its got to the point that it's almost no point in being excited for anything coming to Xbox because it just gets bashed on.

There are a ton of great games coming to Xbox this year and the next, that's obviously why people are jealous. I will say I'm not the biggest Sony fan, but I'm picking up a PS4 next year for SFV, I won't go without a game just because its not on the console I like most. Either way there is nothing quite like Gears on any other system, people will just have to deal with the fact that Xbox has the big multiplayer games that have massive appeal.

spicelicka1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Yea seriously half these idiots haven't even played the game. It looks sharp as hell on xbox one, and the lighting amazing. The only difference is in the style, which was better in the original because of the high contrast and shinier objects.

This is literally the most retarded article I've read.

Halo2ODST21034d ago

Before calling others "idiots & retards" you really should check yourself... before you wreck yourself, all you do is defend ANYTHING xbox, all day every day, sucking up to 343 or even as of now calling people idiots because pointed out a flaw in Gears ( Xbox 1st party). Truly pathetic!

SirJoJo1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I personally agree that this site has a heavy bias towards anything PS4 but lets be real here, I was in the beta and there are definitely questionable lighting changes and the water on that particular map altho more animated, it doesn't look better than the 360 version. Other than that the game runs flawlessly at 60fps and I loved it.


I wasn't talking about your site, I'm on about N4G

dead_pixels1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

A heavy bias towards PS4? We've been fair with our Xbox One coverage, heaping praise on standout exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and we absolutely (and much deservingly) crucified The Order: 1886. We want every console manufacturer to succeed, because we the players benefit from their successes.

I'm glad you see the plain as day difference between the two builds, and agree with your critiques of the game (along with it being fun!), but to say we at HPP have a bias couldn't be further from the truth.

dead_pixels1034d ago

Ah, my apologies then. :)

Halo2ODST21034d ago

Nice to see you here, defending xbox as usual. Fanboyism is pathetic...

tollyboy221034d ago

"it’s hard not to be taken aback at just how rough developer Black Tusk’s beta is looking"

Step one, get the facts correct. Black Tusk is now The Coalition and if you play the beta this is massively obvious.

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