Eurogamer - Batman: Arkham Knight review

Arkham Knight opens with a spoiler, and it sets the tone for what is to come. This is that rare beast: a blockbuster game with plot twists that matter and narrative flourishes you'll want to experience rather than skipping every cut scene.

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sparced1272d ago

No number so no one on here cares.

chazzsweet1272d ago

Why are scored reviews important? Shouldn't it be the take on the review that helps you determine if you want to but it or not?

Palitera1272d ago

Watch out for heavy spoilers.

One third of the text is about the end of the game.

angelsx1272d ago

Review without score is pointless

chazzsweet1272d ago

Why do you think it's better?

jmc88881272d ago

I wouldn't say it's better, but what it does do is attempt to even the playing field in terms of what someone takes away from the review.

When one person says it's a 7...some think...THAT SUCKS.

Other people say...that's average.

Other people think...that's above average.

That's the problem with scores. One man's 5 is another man's 8 and vice versa... and some people won't buy anything unless it's a 9.

The more numbers, the more things can get screwed up. Really that's why most places should go with a five star or point rating system. Or even a two...get or don't get system. I can see the no score thing fitting in with that as well.

It's basically to get people to think about the game, instead of seeing a score and filing it away as one thing or another.

Emrage1272d ago

@chazzsweet look at what jmc8888 said that is my reason.

SlightlyRetarted1272d ago

Scores are pointless. What is the difference between game that has 7.5 and 8. It's just stupid and stupidest of them all is the 100 scale.