Hayter Hoping That Konami Will Bring Him Back As Snake Now That Kojima Is Gone

Also "jokingly" states that Kojima can go f***k himself.

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DeletedAcc1000d ago

so glad that konami is gone now. i wonder if kojimas first game without them is indeed a silent hill equivalent

showtimefolks1000d ago

I sure hope so, kojima won't have trouble finding a publisher that cares about kojima

Gardenia1000d ago

Konami has the copyrights of Silent Hill and maybe even Metal Gear. So if Kojima left Konami he does not have the rights to make a Silen Hill or even a Metal Gear game

DeletedAcc1000d ago

cant you read i said equivalent

DarXyde1000d ago

He said "equivalent"

...Like a spiritual successor. See Bloodstained and Mighty No. 9.

Sashamaz1000d ago

@DeletedAcc Words like "equivalent" are too big for today's kids, in fact even for most of the adults, instead try using smaller words with lots of pictures for extra clarity.

chrisx1000d ago

David hayter we know u r the best snake there is/was but times change. Let it go and move on

christian hour1000d ago

It seems he has let it go, its the fans and media that keep asking him about it. And he usually responds in a troll-esque or jokey fashion. E.g. "Kojima can go f*** himself" XD

Eonjay1000d ago Show
abstractel1000d ago

Wow, wonder what Hayter is really thinking. If it's all sarcasm, or if he's really holding a grudge.

MGS V seems very different from the rest of MGS series in a number of ways. Sure it has elements from each, but overall it feels very different. I don't blame Kojima going with Keifer for a more subdued Big Boss (personally don't think it was a money issue but could be). Others seem to be doing a lot more talking in this one, like Ocelot.

I'm as excited about MGS V as I was before MGS 2 when I was hoping it was going to continue the brilliance of MGS 1 (PS1). The story in 1 was so much better than what followed. MGS V's story might still be convoluted, but gameplay wise it looks better than ever.

Fez1000d ago

I find it pretty ridiculous that Hayter was dropped for Keifer... and yet his voice has hardly been used at all for MGSV. He was very quiet in Ground Zeroes and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think he's had much if any voice over in any of the trailers yet.

Maybe Keifer couldn't muster up the energy to provide any convincing dialogue so Big Boss is now a silent protagonist.

Run_bare1000d ago

If he really said that, this guy start to annoy me. Move on.

nidhogg1000d ago

A joke. It was a joke. Hayter is still the best imo.

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