How Sony Once Again Dominated The Console War At E3 2015

Sony had another solid and impressive showing at E3 2015. In a new opinion piece, Skewed and Reviewed look at how they dominated the console war despite a solid showing from their chief rival.

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NatureOfLogic_1118d ago

Showing a brand new IP that has everyone talking and announcing the most requested games ever is the reason they dominated. The best thing about MS conference was a highly requested feature that is not even proper.

DivoJones1118d ago

The only game Sony announced that even comes out before E3 2016 is Uncharted, and even that is slated as "Spring" so it'll barely make the cut. Nothing else Sony announced even has a release year, even No Man's Sky hasn't announced a release date yet, and that was LAST YEAR's E3. That'd be like Microsoft announcing Halo 6, Crackdown 4, and Quantum Break 2.

Sony basically showed next year's E3 this year. Unimpressive.

SniperControl1118d ago


Wow, double standards much, Scalebound, Crackdown & Phantom Dust were all announced E3 2014, all (apart from the cancelled PDust) are coming out in 2016.
How is that different from what Sony announced at this years E3 with TLG, FF7 and Shenmue.

hello121118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I knew gaming sites would push the PS agenda. The Sony conference the reality.

Last Guardian we saw a teaser of that game six years ago and then it appears at Sony E3 2015 PS4 conference.

Last Guardian 2009

Its looks the same as the teaser we saw six years ago, same level same area, same graphics, same yellow tinting. I surprised not many people involving in gaming journalism were shocked by this afterall Sony has done virtually nothing to improve the game since 2009

Shenmue 3 was even a bigger joke why can't a million dollar corporation sponsor Shenmue? Why do they need people to fund the game before its get made? IF MS did this they never hear the end of it and i am delighted most of the media are not biased and called Sony out.

Final fantasy was interesting no problem with the reveal. Its not a PS4 exclusive though it could end up on PC perhaps xbox one in the future.

Uncharted was shown looked nice (buggy though) but i don't think it has a release date? Horizon looked nice again now release date.

During the show we saw third party games, Indies, and Japanese type games. Third party games end up on xbox one.

80% of the games shown by MS were for 2015 early 2016- We got backwards compatibility, a brand new pro elite controller.Lot of the games shown were triple AAA big budget titles. We got fallout mods first on xbox one. We got early access to games first on console. EA access two new games added to the vault titanfall and dragon age inquistion.

Sony only won because the gaming media is managed by PS enthusiasts who have this weird nostalgia feeling for all things Playstation. They were showing their bias before E3 begun with their most anticipated games for E3 crap lists.

Neonridr1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I have a PS4, but I honestly felt MS brought it during that show. The Last Guardian and Shenmue do not interest me to say the least. And while the FFVII remake will be nice, I will most likely be waiting until 2017 to play it and I have beaten it enough times on my PC to not get super excited over it. Horizon looked awesome (no doubt about that) and Uncharted will be great too. But those are games I am playing in 2016. It will be basically 3rd party games in my PS4 for the rest of the year (minus Until Dawn - I am a sucker for horror games and the Uncharted Trilogy since I need to get caught up).

just my opinion of course.

Neonridr1118d ago

@Welkin - never played a Persona game personally.. can't say I would be interested by that game. I guess I could always try one of the earlier titles..

starchild1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

As a PC and PS4 gamer I thought Sony had a great conference, but it wasn't necessarily my favorite. To be honest a couple of the third party publishers had more games that interested me than either Sony or Microsoft did.

On PS4 I am looking forward to Uncharted 4, Horizon, The Last Guardian and Dreams. But none of those games were really surprises for me. Seeing the first gameplay of Horizon was very cool, but I already knew the game was coming. Dreams was something already kind of talked about from Media Molecule but getting the name and some footage to see more of what the game is about was nice. Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian had already been shown before.

The only complete surprises were FFVII and the Shenmue kickstarter announcements. But both of those are multiplatform games. I'm not really interested in playing FFVII again and Shenmue 3 I will play on my PC.

Having 4 games I am looking forward to playing on my PS4 made for a great conference, but it didn't in any way blow away other conferences for me. In the end none of this matters. We all have our own tastes and personal situations that affect our subjective judgement of these things. I think the thing most gamers can agree on is that this E3 was generally one of the strongest in years.

Outside_ofthe_Box1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Weird how you weren't quick to point out to KWS that this article isn't "pushing PS agenda" and that the media isn't "managed by PS enthusiasts who have this weird nostalgia feeling for all things Playstation" and how he should relax as this is not "the word of god or anything" and how just because "Sony" and "Dominated" are in the same sentence without mentioning Microsoft doesn't mean he should get angry. ;)

I just found that odd is all.

All that aside, I really hate all the "Who Won" articles for this E3 because for the first time in a while both MS and Sony had really really great showings. So saying that one won over the other comes off as not giving the other one the credit it deserves.

It also leads people to diminish some of the great announcements made just because those announcements are used as reasons as to why their choice of who won is wrong.

If you own either console I don't think you should be concerned at all about the future of the console.

Just my opinion on the whole thing.

IamTylerDurden11118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

My PS4 will be seeing a hell of a lot of action and i thought Sony systematically dismantled and then decimated ms with an e3 that read like a love letter to gamers.

My PS4 certainly will be seeing many awesome games for the rest of 2015 (PS4's weak period...) that xboners will not be playing.

The Tomorrow Children
Until Dawn
God of War 3 re
Tearaway Unfolded
Persona 5
Eveybody's Gone to the Rapture
The Nathan Drake Collection
Dungeon Defenders 2
Salt & Sanctuary
No Man's Sky?
The Witness
Invisible inc
Earth Night
The Forest
Beyond2Souls and Heavy Rain re
Killing Floor 2
Planetside 2 (good, free, fun)
Red Godess (playstation 1st), Broforce, Crossing Souls, Astebreed, Energy Hook, Project Phoenix, Darkest Dungeon, SNOW, J-Stars V vs +, BlazBlue cp, Tales, SFV beta, U4 beta ect. - Yes, Heavensward is fun btw.

This all off the top of my head.

It's funny bc the amount of games Sony didn't mention at e3 is staggering bc the show was packed with bomb after bomb they didn't have time - hence the numerous leaks prior to e3. Idk if ppl realize that PS4 is getting it's own Platinum Games exclusive, it was absent at Sony's conference along with Ratchet & Clank, Hellblade, Rime, Rapture, Edith Finch, Ethan Carter, Tomorrow Children ect. We know Bend's game, Quantic's game, WiLD, The Forest, Gravity Rush 2 and Gran Turismo are all in the oven, there are a ton of goodies yet to come Sony fans!

Neonridr1118d ago

@IamTylerDurden1 - confident in your list when half of those games haven't even had release dates. You'll be playing No Man's Sky this fall? Not likely..

I'm not the same type of gamer as you. In that whole list you posted, only about 4 or 5 games appeal to me in the least. Different tastes my friend.

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WelkinCole1118d ago

There is no PS agenda.

Nearly everyone said Sony had the better conference for various reasons.

There is a reason why Shmennue 3 is the fastest kickstarter in history.

There is a reason why FF7 remake announcement is the most watched video.

There is a reason why Horizion and U4 shown at Sony's conference have won the most awards at E3.

There is a reason why Wii U and the first PS3 with BC didn't sell like hotcakes.

dkp231118d ago

Sony reached the nostalgia crowd and re announced a 5 year old game for PS3. Whether they "won" who knows, but I think their conference was a bit lacking.

star_lancer1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

"There is a reason why Wii U and the first PS3 with BC didn't sell like hotcakes."

PS2 - best selling console of all time - Backwards compatible

Wii - second best selling console of all time - backwards compatible

Nintendo DS & DS Lite - best selling handhelds of all time - backwards compatible

Notice a pattern?

1118d ago
SoapShoes1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

@star_lancer, pretty sure the PS1 is higher than the Wii. The analogy falls flat on its face, if people cared so much the launch PS3 would have done much better especially with everyone owning PS2s.

CernaML1118d ago

"Notice a pattern?"

Yes I do.

PS4 - fastest selling console in history. No BC.

Oh wait.

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Master-H1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

"Uncharted was shown looked nice (buggy though)" lmfao.
You Xbox fanatics never cease to amaze me.

Ceaser98573611118d ago

Exactly, I mean how was it buggy? This guys are the worst fans I have ever come across. I mean don't they read articles which were out. At the PS stage there were like 3-4 PS4 and Bruce the Creative Director picked up the wrong controller, he was fishing for a controller since it was dark and then he got a controller and had to sync it to the PS4 which had the UC4 demo running hence they had to start it from the beginning. Man!butthurt fanboys everywhere.. I have nothing against the Xbox1 and I enjoyed the MS conference, hell I will get the Xbox1 too but jeez Most MS fanboys are the wrost and will always find ways to criticize Sony.. Grow up...

DarXyde1118d ago

Prepared for itemized lecture points.

(a) You really don't know anything about Team Ico games, do you? The level area looks the same because these games are set in an area. Shadow of the Colossus was set in a sort or ruin valley that was open. Ico was set in what was basically a castle. A lot of the areas look the same. Think Resident Evil taking place in the mansion with maybe an area or two outside of that (the lab or tunnel for example).

(b) The game isn't done. The graphics could improve a year from now. For all you know, they just threw together a trailer using PS3's assets. We don't know yet. It's much better than hearing people cry downgrade, which is totally possible in the case of Gears 4. Not saying it'll happen, but I wonder if you'd acknowledge any frame rate/screen tearing issues that game might have. Point is, neither are out. Stop being so cynical.

(c) That BILLION dollar corporation also has a ton of other first party studios they're investing in. You also conveniently ignored that Yu Suzuki wanted to make Shenmue III with fans' help. For goodness' sake, IT'S ON THE KICKSTARTER PAGE. Not sure if you're trolling, but goodness, dude. Why do you care how fans, y'know, people who are actually planning to PLAY this game, spend their money?

(d) Uncharted 4 was given a release window months ago. I'm not going to tell you when it is because, for once, you should probably do your research. Google it or ask a friend. Also, Horizon has no release date, which I like because they don't know how long it'll take and it doesn't impose a deadline. People would like to know when they can get their hands on a game, but I think I speak for most when I say it's best we wait until they're ready to give a release date. It comes out when it comes out, and I'd rather they announce it when it's time to announce it versus announcing a release date and delaying it. Then you and your lot would criticize it for being delayed.

(e) That's nice how 80% of those games are releasing soon...meanwhile the big games they've been talking about for years aren't out yet. Let's treat Fallout mods the same way you guys treat Final Fantasy VII remake: "I can wait". It could be as little as a month before releasing on PS4. Who even cares? Final Fantasy VII could take as little as a week before it's out on other platforms. Again, the "I can wait" mentality prevails.

(f) Weird nostalgia feeling for all things PlayStation? That's an unusual way to say "more memorable franchises than Microsoft". If it were a weird nostalgia feeling, one could argue that the media would have nothing bad to say about Nintendo or even SEGA. And I love how you call out the gaming media as being managed by PS enthusiasts when, last generation, you'd swear they had it out for Sony. Truth is, the Xbox 360 was more popular in America last generation, but it isn't now. The only bias I would consider is "catering to the largest audience", which happens to be PlayStation this generation so far.

All things considered, you are shockingly narrow-minded in your assessment. Do your homework on PlayStation (or Sony for that matter and all things happening on their side of the fence) before you get all weird and start dishing out half-truths and falsehoods. I don't enjoy disagreeing with you, but darn it man, you're so clueless sometimes.

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Garethvk1118d ago

The proof is in the sales. Sony has and continues to deliver what their fans and the gaming public wants.

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Sitdown1118d ago

The proof is in the brand;many of us preordered a ps4 before we even knew what titles would be available. We are expecting Sony to live up to their track record, not because they have already delivered what I as a fan wanted, outside of the typical enhancements attached to a newer generation.

OldDude1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )


Sales dont mean much. If that were true the Wii is the 2nd best console of all time.

annoyedgamer1118d ago

Getting tired of these posts. They are not adding anything to the discussion and serve only to stir up fanboy arguments.

1118d ago
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