How Microsoft Had A Great Showing At E3 2015 And Still Lost To Sony

Microsoft had a very solid showing at E3, one that had people talking and excited. That is until Sony had their show and once again showed that despite their best efforts, Microsoft is in an uphill battle. In a new opinion piece, Skewed and Reviewed look at how Microsoft had an impressive show but still came out on the losing side in their battle with Sony at E3 2015 despite a solid showing.

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hello121214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Funny because i am sure MS conference was about games coming this holiday and early 2016. I must have been watching a different conference to you as you thought Sony has the more exclusives?

ltachiUchiha1214d ago

Sony's been dishing out exclusives througout this whole year mate. MS may have a stronger lineup through the Holidays but look at the drought its had for the last 10 months. Nothing but 3rd party games.

xHeavYx1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

What I find funny is that, for the first time ever, MS fans are declaring that they won because the games shown are coming sooner (?)
First, MS fans cared about sales, once Sony beat them with sales they started caring about 3rd party games. Once the 3rd party games started looking better on Sony machines they started talking about IPs. And then Sony started coming with great IPs so I guess their next battlecry is "our games are coming sooner".

Other people say that MS won because of BC, but if the highlight of your show is to be able to play 360 games, then there is a problem.

NatureOfLogic_1214d ago

MS E3 was predictable. BC was the only surprise, even if it's not even full BC and actually downgrades 360 games.

Dee_911214d ago

lol they will take what they can get, and usually what ever that is, thats all that matters.

marlinfan101214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


Kind of like how you hear sony fans saying they brag about sales now because 360 fans bragged about it last gen. Or how they thought 3rd party exclusives were ruining the gaming industry but now love them since sony has a few. Or how they thought exclusive/timed dlc was a horrible practice and it's terrible how MS would keep or delay dlc from releasing on ps, but now love it and brag about them due to recent changes.

Long story short, it goes both ways

Death1214d ago


I'm not sure what you talking about. Microsoft always focuses on what is coming soon while Sony talks about things years in advance. Last Guardian is going to be close to 10 years from announcement to launch. The excitement about Shenmue is a joke since the last release sold all of 400,000 copies. Great series and I am proud to say I am one of the 400,000, but the people excited are mostly hypocrites since no one actually cared enough to go out an actually buy Shenmue 2. What's left of E3? FFVII which isn't an exclusive? Horizon looks great, but once again, what year will we get to play it?

Sony's hardcore fans have always been about sales. Last gen they had to tuck their tales between their legs since Nintendo and Microsoft had the larger install base for 8 years. With the PS4 they can finally wave the sales domination flag again. My issue with the hardcore Sony fans is the level of arrogance they have when talking down to other gamers.

Stop playing the victim card and go enjoy your games. Clearly you struggle with this fact, but it is possible to have great games on every console. You don't have to feel superior to everyone else to feel enjoyment with what you have, that is what the games are supposed to do.

Cupid_Viper_31214d ago

First of all, you guys have to stop taking the bait. The dude only has one bubble and has no interest in really having a discussion, all he wants to do is to say enough so he can sleep better at night.

Secondly, since this is a point people keep bringing up, I have to ask people how come I have known about 80% of the games MS showed at this year's E3 well in advance? I knew about Halo even before Halo MCC came out, hell Halo MCC had a Beta Access to Halo 5. I knew about Tomb Raider last year too. We all knew about both the remake and new Gears. Same thing for Fable.

So I'm confused as to why the guys on the XBox camp didn't bring up those same points at E3 2013 and 2014, when MS was showing all those games mentioned above that are finally going to see the light of day. Especially since the last big exclusive to come out for the XBox One was Sunset Overdrive in November 2014.

XBOX One is like that Wyclef Jean song, it's "gone til November".

xHeavYx1214d ago

MS always focuses on what's coming on the holidays you mean.
I love how you MS fans keep bringing ONE game (TLG) that has been delayed, it automatically means that all games will launch in years. Nevermind that Sony already had exclusives for this year and there are many games still to come this year.
You may not understand the hype for Shenmue and FF7, which is understandable for young kids around N4G who are used to playing dudebro shooters, but for people who have been gaming for 20+ years, it's a big deal.
By the way, Since the launch of the PS3, it outsold the 360 globally every month, but only US matter to you, right?

pinkcrocodile751214d ago


"What I find funny is that, for the first time ever, MS fans are declaring that they won because the games shown are coming sooner (?)"

No we think they won because they showed great exclusive games coming in 2015, new IP's for 2015/16, the integration of xbox live and PC, the integration of Win 10 and Xbox One, the Partnerships with VR the aweesome Hololens and for me, a small but awesome inclusion of cortana in the next X1 UI.

We've been testing cortana in laptops, tablets and phones for our next migration in 2016 and cortana rocks and to have it on XBOX too.. Bitchin!!

Thats what they mean't

Other people say that MS won because of BC, but if the highlight of your show is to be able to play 360

Pogmathoin1214d ago Show
Slevon1214d ago

All I know is everyone can brag about who won all they want but I dont think there is a game for ps4 I want till uncharted 4 next year... (unless until dawn is good, but i'll be waiting for reviews).

rawrock1214d ago

MS has had the better exclusives to date by far...State of Decay, Ori, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 to name a few. The only game Sony has had that I would be a bit interested in Bloodborne, that's it...

xHeavYx1214d ago Show
Pogmathoin1214d ago Show
DivoJones1214d ago

Let's see.. Driveclub which you can now buy new for $20? Bloodborne... what else... oh yeah, nothing.

Cupid_Viper_31214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


"(unless until dawn is good, but i'll be waiting for reviews)."

Thats the things, you don't have to wait for reviews. On the PS4 you have the benefits of Shareplay where you can actually play the game before you buy it. And then there's Live with PlayStation as well where you can watch people play it.

Don't let someone else make those decisions for you when you've been better empowered to make them yourself.

Slevon1214d ago


Thanks for the info, and I would never buy it just based on just reviews. I sounded resentful about the game but in truth I do want it to be great and my next heavy rain, one im not sure of at first but pleasantly surprises me

Why o why1214d ago

Despite the silliness of all of the bickering, at least its about games vs games.

In regards to games that 'coming sooner' dfq outta here. Quantum Break......were the xbox fans complaining or making points about its release date when it got announced.....doubt it. Yes, TLG was almost vapour but its coming to fruition now so be happy for us just like i'm way happy for you guys getting BC (in my top 3 e3 15 announcements)

What I find strange is that no matter how many lists get posted that prove the ps4 is releasing more games than their competitors, some still downplay that fact. Not only that, they totally ignore the fact they've have virtually zero of the same thing they're trying to use as fodder for the majority of the year (exclusives).

nix1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


Most of the games coming out this holiday was announced last year.. You guys talk as if MS announces games on E3 n it comes out by Christmas. But hey.. Whatever helps you guys sleep peacefully till Christmas.

Dee_911214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

but the bait was so juicy :(

Agreed, and don't forget how they hated indies last gen.The goal post continuously gets shifted by all camps and i'm usually the one to point out how idiotic it is to try to point out these supposed hypocrisies within a certain camp.

PONTIAC08G8GT1214d ago

Would you rather get a couple "eh" games all year or blockbusters once a year? The only really good exclusive Sony put out this year was DB. The Order, The Show, LBP, Driveclub, none of those blew anyone away or had serious issues.

I don't know how Sony won E3 by showing future games. X1 showed backwards compatibility, a new controller, games coming THIS year and early next year, that Minecraft VR thing, and the Rare replay. I'm not sure how you top all of that with some future games with pretty graphics.

Spotie1214d ago

A question for all you Xbox fans:

If it's all about the games coming out the same year as E3, like you now claim, why didn't you claim that last year, when you all said Halo 5 and the other games coming out this holiday were what made Microsoft win 2014's E3?

I've never seen any group so willing to completely abandon an argument for a new one after the old one is shown to be weak.

Death1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I know about the next Halo after Halo 5 already. I also know about the next COD, AC, Uncharted, etc. There are games we all know are coming. We are two years away from the next Forza and a year from now we will see a new Forza Horizon. This isn't rocket science is it? The point Xbox fans are making is this e3 Microsoft showed what is coming in the near future. Some of the games we seen and features were available the same night or within the week.

Some of you claim Sony "won" e3 because they announced games that are just starting development. It's childish at best since no one actually "wins" these events. What is the difference between 5 games released in the fourth quarter vs 5 games released for the year? Some of you make it sound like having games during the holidays is a bad thing. You are aware that no one is forcing you to buy all games at release aren't you? You can pre-order now, wait for release day or even buy them months or years after release. Hell, you can buy them used if you choose also or even get them from Redbox. Let's stop pretending that first party games make up the bulk of a console library. They are a very small percentage of the available games and in some cases don't appeal to a broad audience. They can even suck and not be worth a rental.

By the way Heavy, you prove my point about sales. The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 just about every year after release. Which camp is it that brags about sales? Typically it's the camp with the most sales isn't it? Since the original Playstation that has been the common theme among Playstation owners. For them it has always been about sales. Unfortunately they are still a little hurt that Xbox showed them some competition last gen and they needed other reasons to feel superior.

InTheLab1213d ago

Dude these games Sony has been dishing out "all year" are mediocre to terrible with a few exceptions. MS simply has bigger titles coming out this fall while Sony really has nothing to contend.

Honestly, Sony stumbled in with The Order and struck gold with Bloodborne....then I don't even know of anything other than a few JRPGs, a former Move game, and indies.

Meanwhile, MS came with their Flagship titles and regardless of when they come in a calendar year, it's still a better lineup.

As for why MS still lost despite having a good show, they were predictable. We all KNEW what was coming because it's the same s*&( on repeat for the last5 years.

Meanwhile, Sony's like yeah we have Uncharted, but check this out! And what they showed was legitimately shocking. Not to mention there's not a single game on the MS side that looks as good as Horizon.

So sure some of Sony's games won't be out for a while, who cares to see more of the same stuff you'll be getting in a few months anyway?

miyamoto1213d ago


Shenmue 2 released on Xbox in the US ..... the wrong platform

donthate1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


MS has always provided me with the games I want to play every year and it seems this year, MS had a stellar E3 and it shows on their sales.

PeaSFor1213d ago

"but if the highlight of your show is to be able to play 360 games, then there is a problem."

pretty much

jrshankill1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Well, guess I better pack up my PS4 until 2016!

Microsoft's E3 was better than Sony's. Guess what, It's an opinion.. and opinions are like hairy assholes.

The truth is, according to MS fans.. Sony lost
according to Sony fans.. MS lost

Stop with the bitchin' and play some games, ya mongs.

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kraenk121214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

That's the thing. Sony has twice the amount of exclusives coming out this year and they didn't even feel the need to announce them again (they did last year already). They preferred to concentrate on new and exciting stuff.

The fact a lot of supposed MS exclusives' showings disappointed (Halo 5, Gears 4) didn't help either.

LoneWolf0191214d ago Show
SliceOfTruth8881214d ago

if you are counting indie games as exclusives you are insane

johndoe112111213d ago

And if you think you can't consider indies as exclusives you are full of it.

The above indie game is one of the most critically acclaimed games of last gen and the fastest selling game to date on the psn store. It also won awards for game of the year and was one of the highest rated games of the entire 7 generation. Only someone with very limited brain capacity would not count indies as exclusives.

Professor_K1213d ago


Those are games, but you are crazy to believe that indies are enough to solidify a purchase, not only that but you frogget to account that most of those are or will be available for other platforms.

AAA exclusives and multiplats are more likely console sellers than indies,this is no doubt an exception to few of you diehard fans.

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SniperControl1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Funny that, because i swear i watched MS unveil Scalebound, Phantom Dust and Crackdown at E3 2014........

Ulf1214d ago

...and they lost last year.

We're talking about this year's E3, bro.

die_fiend1214d ago

MS lost every E3 since the Xbone was conceived because it's the inferior console

Godmars2901214d ago

They tend to lose after the fact because they prioritize promotion over product.

Kinect was something they showed well before release but never got to work to promised potential, now there's cloud gaming and VR and AR accessories. The first implemented in stages years after the XB0 launch while promised as a key feature, while the other two are advertised as gaming aids while not really using the console.

Cupid_Viper_31214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

@ Ulf

"...and they lost last year"

That's news to me because every year you guys fiercely refute any notion that Sony wins. Now I'm hearing for the first time that Sony actually won last year... I remember how Quantum Break was all the rage, and that game was announce in 2013...

You guys have to stop equating Sony winning with MS having a bad conference. The two are not related necessarily. Beleive it or not, The PlayStation brand is bigger and has a much broader appeal because....because it offers such a diverse array of games for many different types of gamers.

MS seem to have a focus and dependency on BIG, really BIG franchises, which is evident in when they choose to release them. Their mindset is like this; "people only play BIG AAA games, so we'll give them 2-3 big games in the fall and Bam! There you have it." Yet the reality is, they're merely catering to at most 20% of their install base. What about the other 80% ?

This is why it was funny last year when the XBox camp was downplaying Sony's line up last year, as they're now doing this year. They were saying how LPB3 won't sell, and how Driveclub's was not a system seller etc... Yet more people bought LPB then both SSO and FH2 combined during the holidays. And Driveclub has sold nearly as much as Halo MCC. 1.8million vs 2.2 million for Halo MCC.

The part that actually bothers me is how perfectly OK you guys are with this "seasonal visit" from the Xbox that stretches back to the 360 days. A lot of you guys defend anything XBOX. From kinect, RROD, Paying for P2P servers, OK with Netflix behind a paywall, same for web browser, OK with Microsoft banning hundreds of thousands of XBox 360s every holidays to inflate sales even though they know they have a very faulty product out, etc....

And yet, here you guys are, once again, feverishly going at it with the defending. BC? Great move. Halo 5, Great game from a great franchise. Fable? Great/Good game depending on who you're talking to. Forza 6? Great racing game. Gears? Great franchise too. What do they all have in common? We've known about them for a LONG time now.

Facts: 3 of the most requested games of ALL Time announced, the only thing that would make this better is if HL3 was announced as well. MS simply wasn't going to overcome that.

Matter of fact, it was a great thing that they went first, because their conference would have played in comparison otherwise.

Barely anyone is talking Halo or Forza, yet Forza, and even less Gears of War. BC is taking center stage though as the Biggest E3 news for Microsoft, and I'm not sure how good that for the console that is "Beta Tested in the Future"

Death1213d ago

The truth is Microsoft loses according to Sony fans every year. Sony loses to Microsoft according to Microsoft fans every year. If you are coming away from e3 and the only thing you can come up with is someone had to win or lose, you are missing the point of e3. Microsoft throws a show for Xbox fans and Sony throws a show for Playstation fans. Did Microsoft disappoint their target audience? If they didn't, how did they lose? If you are a Sony fan and you are happy with what you seen, did Sony lose?

Fans are at the wheel. Microsoft has been working overtime trying to appeal to their fanbase which they have been losing to Sony for the past couple years. Sony hasn't had to do as much since they are quite happy with their sales. According to Andrew House they feel the way to driving increased console sales is by offering more subscription services. This is the message they are getting from fans. Increased indie content is also seen as a driving force for the console. If this is what you want, by all means keep giving the feedback you are giving.

Cupid_Viper_31213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

@ Death

I have a few questions for you.

Did/do you own an Xbox 360? and do you know own an XBox One? When did you buy your Xbox One? Please answer those questions me.

"This is the message they are getting from fans. Increased indie content is also seen as a driving force for the console. If this is what you want, by all means keep giving the feedback you are giving."

Because if the message you are sending suddenly matters, I would like to know what kind of message were you and your Xbox friends were sending when XBox 360s were breaking left and right because of RROD and you guys kept rebuying it. I would also like to know what kind of message were you guys sending when you spent 10+ years paying Xbox Live's P2P servers?

Or better yet, what kind of message where you guys sending when globally 1 million of you bought Xbox One at launch? After they lied and said they couldn't just "flip the switch" among many other shady things they tried to pull. But suddenly, I know almost all of you are going to deny buying many Xbox 360s, or buying Xbox One at launch just so that you can exempt yourselves from answering these questions.

But what about the others who bought Xbox One when it was $400, the same price as a PS4? Were you guys sending the message that it is ok for MS to make a weaker console, with less games (the PS4 has always had more games out than the Xbox one) but still charge you the same price as the PS4?

Are you guys also sending the message that it is ok for MS to only release games during the holidays?

How about this, thanks for your "concerns" and nice try, but you guys certainly aren't going to be the ones to talk about "sending messages".

dekke1213d ago

"The Phantom Dust remake announced at E3 2014 is no longer in active development."


and no im not gona take part of any console war ...

Professor_K1213d ago

"because its the inferior console" They won every year if that's your only excuse.

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Khajiit861214d ago

Are you still latching on to Sunset Overdrive? I mean if you only play exclusives, you have had nothing since November..... You should be going on MS website and complaining.

Slevon1214d ago

I havent had much in the way of exclusives on either console if you trying to argue ms vs sony. Just because sony has 1 good AAA this year and xbox doesnt have any doesnt give you a reason to brag. I love bloodborne but the next game for ps4 at least for me is uncharted 4, so should i be complaining on the sony website too?

Mikefizzled1214d ago

Since November Microsoft published Screamride, Ori and the Blind Forest, State of Decay YOSE and Happy Wars on the Xbox One. The free Fast and Furious expansion for FH2. Another 6 characters in Killer Instinct and Halo 3 ODST added to MCC. Not really nothing...

Lawboy21214d ago

I've been playing smite.....that's all I need

NatureOfLogic_1214d ago

When most of those games where at last E3, what MS showed becomes really unimpressive. The only thing that really got any attention was BC which is a feature that has been available for previous console generations.

TomatoDragon1214d ago

PS4 has exclusives coming for the rest of the year.
Until Dawn
Disgaea 5
Tearaway Unfolded
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Dragon Quest Heroes
The Tomorrow Children
Let it Die
God of War 3 remaster
Uncharted collection

343_Guilty_Spark1214d ago

Nothing there aside from GOW3 seems all that interesting. Isn't one of the games on Vita?

SniperControl1214d ago

Don't bother mate, it's like talking to a brick wall in here, you could post a list consisting of a thousand exclusives for the PS4, but the Xbox diehards in here will still deny the PS4 has any exclusives.

xHeavYx1214d ago

Yeah, those games are not interesting to 343, therefore the games that you listed are not valid /s

LifeInNZ1214d ago

And how much time was dedicated to that list of games at E3?

TomatoDragon1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I don't think Persona 5 has been confirmed for a 2015 western release yet. Only Japan.

Khajiit861214d ago


No it isnt... A brick wall is much easier to talk to and has a much more open mind.

TomatoDragon1214d ago

Guh...I'm not about to dive in to another console war, but it's not hard to find the data.

Currently, ps4 has more games, and more exclusives than Xboxone.
Exclusive = 53
Sony Exclusive = 61
Console exclusive and/or timed = 110/9
Multiplatform/or TBA = 335/0
Playable = 337 available to purchase
Exclusive = 38
Microsoft exclusive = 20
Console exclusive or timed = 40/20
Multiplatform/TBA = 288/2
Playable = 188 available to purchase

UnHoly_One1214d ago

I don't ever deny that PS4 has any games, but aren't myself and others entitled to the opinions that we aren't interested in those games?

You guys get to blab all day long about how you don't care about Gears or Forza or Halo, but nobody is allowed to be disinterested in Playstation titles?

FlexLuger1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


If we are looking at games that draw in new customers, your list simply is not interesting to anybody but hardcore PS fans. JRPGs and artsy niche titles dont really sell consoles. Big new AAA exclusives do. And none of the games you mentioned are that.

a remaster, a remastered trilogy, minus its MP modes, Niche indies and JRPGS, dont appeal to the critical mass sony needs to sell past its core base. You guys love these games. You all already own PS4s. Thats good for you. But what exlusives does sony have to sell its console to critical mass? beyond the 30 or so million loyal PS fans who are not casuals? who simply buy a console based on its offerings, that season?

Most people in the west probably cant even pronounce disgaea properly. they dont even know its on its fifth game. They dont know it exists nor do they care for it, or most other JRPGs that are not FF. What is going to sell PS4s this year is COD, More destiny DLC and starwars marketing.shooty, shooty, shooty! plus the DLC for more shooty.And the superior port of madden. These were what sold the X360 en masse. And Ironically those games you mentioned wont chart as well because of those shooters that sony are advertising front and center this fall. That the reality. Its nice list of niche games.Its a nice variety. But nothing that moves the earth or excites.

I only ever know about half these games because you guys list them. Im not into anime looking games. I also hate JRPGs. I dont like turnbased RPGs. god of war is fun, but Ill just wait for a new one and play something else instead. Its just another hack n slash game. epic boss fights though. Im looking forward to some of them. But most wont even care. even on PS4. Lets see how many of those JRPGs that are not FF actually chart....

Whats happened is they are relying on their exclusives DLC and marketing deals to appeal to the 150+ million gamers who dont own an X1 or PS4 yet.That is blatantly a MS tactic from the X360 days.

This console generation has been interesting to observe. As the companies change their strategies, their fans point of view changes to reflect that companies shift in strategy. Even if it means contradicting yourselves.

nix1214d ago


Now that it's confirmed that ps4 has far more exclusives suddenly it's about "none of those games interests me so not valid as exclusives"

Going by that logic i'm only interested in Gears of War series in xbox.. That means Xbox has had only ONE exclusive all this time.

Oh wait i can play it on PC. THAT means they have no exclusives.

Hahahahaha... Goal post moved again.

Death1213d ago

Why are any of you shocked or think any of these games should appeal to an Xbox fan? The only thing that makes them better is the fact you personally like them. It's the same as Halo fans trying to convince Playstation fans that the game is good. It's not going to happen is it?

If you are happy with the games coming out, why is this an issue? The fact is there are no games coming out on the Playstation that Xbox fans want. If there were, they would be Playstation owners wouldn't they? Same holds true for the other side.

Death1213d ago


Why wouldn't you want quality to count? If you are an indie gamer than the Playstation 4 has more exclusives. If you are a console gamer with no interest in budget games/shovelware it gets a little less clear where you should go. That is where actual exclusives start to make a difference. The exclusive list for Sony this year has much more niche games that even Playstation fans don't all buy. Xbox has more of their mainline franchises releasing that appeal to a bigger group of gamers. It's not so much that the goal posts are moving, it's just that the exclusives on the PS4 don't have much appeal to Xbox gamers. The only thing I will be getting is GoW and the Uncharted Collection. Other than Bloodborne it's been a quiet year for me on the PS4.

MyDietEqualsGames1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I guess things could change, but the source is at least legit. Also, don't forget SOMA too. =P

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Dee_911214d ago

Most of which we already knew were coming.Not saying I agree with this click bait article, but Sony definitely came with the surprises imo.I wasn't really surprised at all watching MSFT conference. Surprises and new ips are what wins E3 for me

TheTony3161214d ago

Sonys holiday lineup is weak, but they've been releasing exclusives throuout the year. Microsoft has nothing thus far.


I feel the same way, The majority of next gen Owners are PS4 players, so Xbox has to be downplayed no matter what they do lol.

Uncharted 4, Horizon, and Until Dawn were really the only games that I thought were good from Sony's showing

Roronoa04111214d ago

@ Death

Sony is the one that reveals games too early? really? Every AAA game that Sony has announced at the past 2 E3 and Gamescom conferences are already on store shelves or releasing this year besides Uncharted. Please name one that isn't. Microsoft has Halo 5, Quantum Break, Crackdown and Scalebound all of which were announced at either E3 2013 and 2014. Yet they are now announcing them again at this years E3 and some even missing the show altogether...

DarXyde1214d ago

I can't speak for conferences since I enjoyed them both; I just happened to like what Sony showed more.

What I dislike about your argument is that it ignores the fact that Microsoft showed Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo V: Guardians, The Division, Scalebound, Crackdown, and Phantom Dust last year and Quantum Break at the release event, but you were willing to overlook Microsoft's E3 2014 conference in this capacity and suggest it was a better showing, despite the fact that NONE of those titles are out now and it has been compounded by Gears 4 being shown this year and releasing next.

I don't mind showing things a year or two in advance, but I have to call you on that.

nosferatuzodd1214d ago

really what about the other months in the year they don't count ok mico cram all their game in 2 months of the year and say they have more games lol really... forget that ,lets talk about e3, halo predictable no excitement there gears another predictable game forza how many forza it is now since the x1 release like what 5, all those game are so predictable that's like waring the same cloths over and over and over uncharted is the 4 in the series and there ending the series.

what its about the 15 halo in the series yaay its like feeding a man the same thing over and over for 10 years no matter how good it taste he's going to get tired of it Sony drop surprise after surprise ff7 surprise no one expected that even gt tv was saying how did they keep that a secret... orison.. shemue last guardian..lots of stuff ppl wasnt expecting see Microsoft has no imagination no creativity that's why they will always lose they think about big profits over game play and creativity we saw the same thing on ps3 when sony was pushing games like lil big planet journey pixel junk monster flower the list gos on and on heavy rain beyond 2 souls ninokoni the last of us all new ways of playing games Microsoft halo 3 halo 4 halo 5 halo ods halo reach halo rpg halo 7 halo 8 and 9 oh and 10

FlexLuger1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

"really what about the other months in the year they don't count ok mico cram all their game in 2 months of the year and say they have more games lol really..."

Ori and neverwinter says high, Smites founder pack has been available for months on X1 and is fully playable. plus x1 owners can play any major third party that PS fans can play too. So I dont see the problem here. I have elite as well now. that game does not fully release till winter but im playing it now. It goes without saying that X1s winter will have big exclusives. plus gears remaster with multiplayer is a thing this summer. throw in the fact that forza horizon has enough content, replayabilty and online suites to keep a racing fan locked in till FM6, which is a different kind of racer all together. Meaning I have two solid racers before even talking about Pcars. Halo MCC works online and is quite frankly the best MP out there,along with titanfall. SSOD is still worth playing with 8 friends. So owners are not starved for exclusives. or indies. or third parties.

"shemue last guardian..lots of stuff ppl wasnt expecting see Microsoft has no imagination "

And yet you think reannouncing a game that was supposed to come out 5 years ago and another game that was supposed to come out two generations ago on a rival platform is imaginative...And an announcement of a remaster ( that isnt even exclusive) of a game from three console generations ago, as imaginative? Too funny. I think you confuse imagination with fan service that panders to gamers "what ifs?"

"the same thing on ps3 when sony was pushing games like lil big planet journey pixel junk monster flower the list gos on and on heavy rain beyond 2 souls ninokoni"

and now they are promoting starwars COD and a game from the makers of halo above all else, on much irony. So much contradiction between your rose tinted glasses of the PS3 are and the reality of sony today.Sony will have a succesful xmas for the exact same reason the X360 had so many succesful xmas...shooty shooty shooty! Cod, starwars and exclusive destiny the DLC...from the makers of four halo games. I just love responding to comments like yours.

LackTrue4K1214d ago

Every body is missing the list of games coming to SONY's headset.
There not much, but their still a great way to build some hype @ their show too.

Microsoft lack in they list the same games from last E3. Hell, I wanted some more info on the game CrackDown, and info in their "cloud power"