Suikoden III Hits PSN Classics Range

Konami have officially launched details on the launch of Suikoden III which is coming to PS3 via the PlayStation Network and to Europe for the very first time.

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Sly-Lupin1155d ago


Here's hoping we see Suikoden V, too. Not to mention all the Wild Arms, Xenosagas, .hack//G.U.s, and so on. It's a crying shame its taken so long for ANY of these classic PS2 RPGS to hit the PSN.

rosscoffx1155d ago

With the issues Konami are having I can see them doing more classic games like this for download. Must be worth their while and great a game like this can come to Europe at last.

DualWielding1155d ago

I hope they release Suikoden V as that's the one I've never played

Sly-Lupin1154d ago

You're in for a treat, then. Personally, I find Suiko5 to be the best of the series. Granted, it has some pretty severe performance issues... but still.