Batman: Arkham Knight Day 1 Patch 3.5GB

The size of Batman: Arkham Knight's day one patch has been revealed with a post on Reddit. A Reddit user posted an image of the patch's size on the PS4 and it is a little over 3.5 GB.

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TomShoe1151d ago

My poor hard drive, it's getting to the point where I need to start thinking about upgrading to a 1 or 2TB.

Testfire1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

And this is one of the issues with an all digital future. How can they expect games with such large file sizes (excluding patches even) that are getting increasingly larger to fit on even a 1tb hdd for an entire console generation? That's not including any other media you may have/want on your console.

Pixel_Enemy1151d ago

Stand in line for a midnight launch.. Rush home and pop the disk in to my PS4.. Wait as day one patch and add on content download / game installs on HDD before playing..

What the hell happened to shipping completed games? What the hell happened to the days where I could put a game in and get right to playing it?

Why does the advertised "Pre Download" feature on PSN not work as advertised? Is there no possible way to start playing at midnight?

CannonB81151d ago

Mine worked fine. I was able to start the game at 12.01am. Everything had downloaded and installed as it should.

deadpoolio3161151d ago

Really sounds like someone is pretending on the digital pre-load, because I pre-ordered the digital edition from PSN and it downloaded on SUNDAY...

Not only did it download on SUNDAY with DMC4, because I live in California it unlocked last night at 9PM, so I was playing it well before midnight and I guarantee I don't have some sort of special console or special PSN/Internet connection