VR vs. E3 2015 - Varied Show Floor Makes up for Underwhelming Conferences

VRFocus delivers another entry in its 'VR vs.' series, this time looking at E3 2015 and discussing what it held for virtual reality (VR) tech.

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thorstein1272d ago

"Underwhelming" is a term used by hacks and those looking for clickbait. It's too bad you can't write a headline that is as good as the copy.

"E3 VR Tech Demos Wow Enthusiasts" would be much better.

Jaqen_Hghar1272d ago

If Sony's conference was underwhelming to you then you must be the most depressing person in the world. The gaming community was freaking out (see GAF threads) THREE separate times and with good reason. Miracles everywhere. As Bosman put it, "EVERY DREAM HAS COME TRUE!" Seriously how is anyone trying to spin this conference as anything but epic. Oh well haters will hate. A man remembers when people downplayed the cheers at Sony's E3 2013 conference and look how that turned out.