Devil’s Third Dev Itagaki Promises 'Many Things', Was Apparently At E3 And Never Spotted

Even though E3 is over it looks like he’s ready to hype the game up again.

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AJBACK2FRAG819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

Why can't he just say Devil's Third is going to be released in North America then maybe I can get a good night's sleep tonight. Kessler theory syndrome in full effect!!!!!!!!!!!!

addictedtochaos819d ago

It is coming to the US, GameStop is taking pre-orders.

Sirk7x819d ago

Not a joke, I put a pre-order down two days after E3.

plsburydoughboy819d ago

Hey, so what do you guys think Itagaki was doing at E3 if he intentionally stayed away from the public? I have my guesses but maybe yours are better.

gameboy1819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

I think he was checking out other games to see if he wants to improve his game in any area's that's my guess and then show it off at Gamescom or a dedicated Direct...

WizzroSupreme819d ago

Itagaki always promises a lot of "things" and wait – what? He was at E3? Maybe he was hiding under one of Kojima's boxes.

plsburydoughboy819d ago

Kojima wasn't at E3 though LOL

rjason12819d ago

It really sucks, the NOA gets higher sales than NOE, but we're always getting screwed over, with games not releasing, games getting sold exclusively at one store and games being only "e-shop" releases instead of both retail and digital.

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