Sony doesn't know when to release Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus had a very feeble showing at this year's E3, with SONY covering it for only a couple of minutes in its press conference. This is because, despite the project reportedly going "very well", SONY has not yet decided on a release date.

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GribbleGrunger1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

From the article:

'The hardware is on schedule.'

It's not Sony that doesn't know when it releases.

T9001242d ago

Sony should be careful with their claims imo. Last time around when they were promoting 3d they had everyone hyped about it. People bought 3d TVs later only to get little to no support.

Yet again it was the PC platform that offered about 600+ games in 3d (still does support newer games in 3D). Imo i have a gut feeling morpheus being hyped on console is just another marketing check mark they will drop support just like 3D and Move.

Aloy-Boyfriend1242d ago

3D was dead before arrival. Not many devs even supported 3D functionality. Also the TVs were too expensive.

Morpheus is already getting support from 1st and 3rd party devs. They seem to be very committed to it.

Nirvana315911242d ago

They'll release it when it's ready. Simple

catinthehat1242d ago

I'd buy it today, it's way better than occulus or hololens.

Lionsguard1241d ago

3D could make a comeback with 3D-VR, unless I've missed the news completely and VR is already 3D..

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1242d ago

I don't even think Sony know what to do with the Project Morpheus. I see it going the same way as the PS Move....

All these companies tryna force VR down our throats it's gonna be a huge belly flop it just won't catch on. I tried the oculus rift my manager being a dev had a dev version. It's good for a play about but it's not a game changer nor is it more than a gimmick. I can't see anyone using it day to day as the standard for gaming.

SniperControl1242d ago

By the look of it, you havnt played Project Cars or Elite Dangerous in VR then. Both game changers.

GameDev11241d ago

"I don't even think Sony know what to do with the Project Morpheus"

Really? Many of their first party and some third party already have lots of software for it like RIGS, Getaway Heist, The Deep, No Mans Sky, Project Cars and likely Drive club, World of Toys and more. Sony even have the specs down and the software runs at 120fps

Sony definitely knows what to do with the morpheus, you just dont have a clue about what they are doing

And nobody is trying to force VR, at the Sony E3 Press Conference, Andrew House clearly said we are giving VR as a CHOICE, gets your facts straight before spouting crap

Bolts1241d ago

Kinect is a choice too. Doesn't mean it's a good one. But in truth OR will determine the fate and success of VR, they're the only one with all their eggs in the VR basket.

OB1Biker1242d ago

The conference was not focused on Morpheus and it was hardly talked about Doesn't mean Morpheus had a 'feeble showing at E3'. It had a good showing and Rigs was awarded best VR game

_-EDMIX-_1242d ago

Agreed. I'm not really sure why folks think that what happens on stage at the press E3 lol. That is merely to kick off E3. They clearly had stuff on the show floor.

Mind you, its not the only event Sony has in store this year. They clearly know that other sites like IGN, Gamespot etc will cover many things on the floor in order for fans to get to see more info on certain games, products etc.

aerisbueller1242d ago

What a pathetic attempt at clickbait, and a few fanboy points. How common are phrases like 'we don't have a firm release date set'. You're trying to spin it like they're running around all confused and disorganized.

g-nome1242d ago

Like move it is no use releasing hardware if you do not have a lot of software developers on board , I think a hardware release is risky to your bottom line and reputation if you do not have software lined up. It will most likely always hover in beta phase being a niche product... in my opinion.

strickers1242d ago

Actually Shuhei Yoshida is pretty happy where they are, and they had to reject showings from 3rd and 1st party at E3, and only show the 20 games /demos in pods.

Tzuno1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Project Morpheus, put that thing on your head and your head will morph in to a box, mmm...beautiful.

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