New Tearaway Unfolded trailer and companion app details

After all the excitement and fanfare of E3, PlayStation.Blog take a moment to show you a fantastic new trailer for Tearaway Unfolded, and tell you a bit more about the brand new companion app which will be launching with the game on 8th September.

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vikingland1977d ago

I'm looking forward to this game so much.

Kurisu977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

I've never took much notice of Tearaway but watching this now it looks great. I felt that LBP 3 fell a bit flat without MM at the helm, so it will be nice to go back to playing a game that has their full talent projected in to it :)

Totally buying this (not at launch, but as a Christmas present).

VsAssassin977d ago

Day one for me. Love the art style!

SmokingMonkey977d ago

The Soundtrack to this game is excellent, can't wait!

Sparse my booty! I will have too many games to play this Fall!

TomatoDragon977d ago

I platinumed this on Vita. One of the most unique and fun games I've played in years. Got Unfolded preordered already.

Germany7977d ago

Finally i will play Tearaway, can't wait for it.