E3 2015 Scorecard – Who Was The Biggest Winner?

As the dust settles from a stellar E3 this year, gamers are still finding themselves reeling from the myriad of unexpected announcements and the heavy presence of virtual and augmented reality experiences that overshadowed the usual heavy hitters and annual releases presented at the expo.

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SniperControl1190d ago

I gotta say......i won.

As a PS4, X1 and PC owner, there is some pretty good stuff coming out over the next few years which will keep me busy for a while yet.

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Wizziokid1190d ago

Sony won it for me, Shenmue 3 is what I've been waiting for

dreadz741190d ago

and u will continue to wait around 2 years b4 that game gets released. I have both consoles so I will get to play it when it comes out. Sony's E3 was smoke and mirrors all those games Shemmune.Last guardian,FF7(which is timed) all come out 2017 and beyond greatness awaits yet again. Every time they show uncharted it was downgraded from previous time. It will get another downgrade again unfortunately as every uncharted once released do not look like the E3 version they showed. Every single uncharted they downgraded b4 release I have played all and is one of my fav games but that is the truth and if you have been paying attention all the years u would know..

freshslicepizza1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

those who own a wii u, ps4, xbox one and a decent pc are those who will win because they won't miss any games (other than mobile and handheld). but because that is an expensive option most people will only have one or two of those platforms. that means you will get people downplaying certain games that are on other systems and over-hype games on their system of choice. round and round we go.

that's why you will likely say the xbox one won if you only have that, or sony won if that is your main system. however i think even the most supportive nintendo fans will agree nintendo didn't do so well.

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The story is too old to be commented.