Batman: Arkham Knight – Five tips to fix PC performance issues

MWEB GameZone writes: "The pc version of Arkham Knight is full of performance issues suggesting that its a poorly optimized console port. If that’s not enough, Rocksteady Studios waited until launch day to update the game’s system requirements.

If you bought the PC version of Arkham Knight, we have five tips to help smooth things over."

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HanCilliers1246d ago

2015 is not PC gaming's year...

Sillicur1246d ago

Agreed :( As a PC gamer these console ports are really starting to get to me :(

mikeslemonade1246d ago

SLI still not working right. I should sell both and get a 390x or 980ti. Tired of games not working day 1 on PC.

Ezz20131246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I'm getting sick of this crap as well
all games get day 1 patch now...that fix nothing which was almost rare last gen
DlCs plage is now even worse
The developers don't test their games well ...and then come out after release to admit that their games are broken
like that will make us feel any better

I feel this game is broken because of 3 reasons :

1.Might be wrong ...but I can't help but feel that developers should steer clear of Nvidia's proprietary third party tech
And yes I know you can "turn off" the Gameworks stuff but it's still PhysX running all the physics, cloth, volumetric fog, etc.
This crap looks great in promotional videos but it always seems to bring big performance issues and all around janky-ness with it. My own observations and opinion obviously, but I think Nvidia should keep their fingers out of the pie in terms of actual game development.

2. this is happening because they are using denuvo protection
I hear that it make games very buggy on PCs.

3.It's just very bad PC port.

plut0nash1246d ago

Has anyone done a comparison between console and PC sales for big titles this year?

Sillicur1246d ago

No clue but very good point, i wonder how pc is doing

Vegamyster1246d ago

If you use Steam Spy & VGchartz as a reference sales typically sell more than the Xone version.

slappy5081246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I should have listened to my gut feeling and bought for playstation, but I got the game key on the cheap, still downloading. I never learnt my lesson from MKx bah. Also downloading the nvidia drivers so I am hoping it plays okay as soon as it's ready

Edit: Though I guess in same cases it's a lottery which platform is going to be better to play on. The Witcher 3 was better on pc and had faster updates rolling out, but even those ports didnt run as poorly as Arkham Knight and MKX is

SoCalledMe1246d ago

How come ? GTA V is amazing port , WItcher 3 is now patched and has better graphics and is amazing port preformance wise , only PC port that comes to mind that was bad is Mortal Kombat X , and ding ding ding its also WB game , it looks like WB is cheaping out on their PC ports , dotn ignore good developers out there

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ZombieDreddZA1246d ago

Hopefully there will be a patch to optimise the game for PC sooner rather than later.

wolf5811246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

there is a big difference between building a game-engine for a specific platform like ps4/x1 and an other story for pc.
there is out there millions of different pcs with different
cards,os,drivers,antivirus,ra ms,cpu...
plus there are many users out there with faulty rams,hdds, full of malwares etc...

SoCalledMe1246d ago

yeah but its seems to work like shit on everyones PC , its not like , ok its optimized for Nvidia and not AMD , its not optimized for anything PC wise

Vegamyster1246d ago

Considering how many other games come out without really any issues i don't see that as an excuse, especially given Rocksteady did Asylum & City which ran quite good.

Grap1246d ago

Yah it's our fault that this game run sub 30FPS on our high end PCs.

sorane1246d ago

Yeah that's not how it works dude......There are these magical things called APIs.

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Poroz1246d ago

I was afraid of this. :( but at at the time I expected nothing different.

Tzuno1246d ago

Fk this, there is no excuse for today standards when people pay full price for something to go wrong every time, this needs to stop, it's like almost every developer skips the testing phase to cut costs, wtf people vote with your wallet, sometimes i am glad that piratery exists.

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