Get ready to pound the bass as Primus arrive on Rocksmith 2014

Neil writes "One of the strangest bands in musical history have made an appearance on Rocksmith 2014. Get ready to welcome the quirky sounds of Primus!"

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MyDietEqualsGames1191d ago

Would you care to elaborate what your musical tastes are?

Evildoomnerd1191d ago

Bikar here is expressing his/her appreciation for Primus, actually. Saying they suck is a tongue-in-cheek injoke between fans and the band, since around the early '90s.

stavrami1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

i think i read in a previous comment of his that he was hoping for spice girls and some celine dion. ;-)

Evildoomnerd1191d ago

Primus indeed sucks! Les Claypool slaps a mean bass!

MyDietEqualsGames1191d ago

Man, and here I thought I liked them. Guess i'm just a casual fan. Haha. Bubble, dude.

Kal-V31191d ago

Don't worry least I got it..

EazyC1191d ago

Cles' basslines are amazing, trying to learn some on guitar (up an octave) but the string spacing is really tricky with the slap stuff!

urwifeminder1191d ago

Not a massive fan but appreciate the talent I love bass Claypool delivers some killer gear, for me I do like bit more melody.