Is Microsoft Making A Mistake With The Xbox One In 2015?

EGMR writes: "We’ve had some good discussion on Sony and the PS4 so far, so I want to turn my attention to the other camp. I want to tackle a particular delicate subject matter, because while acknowledging that 2015 is a huge year for Microsoft, I do also wonder whether the big boys of team green are making a mistake with the Xbox One this year by going in guns blazing."

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Sureshot1273d ago

We appreciate your concern but more games will be announced at Gamescom for 2016.

christocolus1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Exactly. Well said. The author talks about MS not having games for 2016 and we are still in 2015, does he know MS's plans for 2016? then he talks about MS not having any major title planned for next year and downplays Quantum Break, Crackdown and Sea of Thieves.I thought the media didn't want MS relying solely on Gears, Halo and Fable?They have new ips now and suddenly that might not be enough??? MS has been focusing on titles coming out this year and i'm sure there will be some major announcements at Gamescom. I don't even see the need for this article cos Xbox One fans will most likely get Quantum Break, Forza Horizon3, Crackdown 3,Below, Inside, Sea of Thieves, Gears 4, Scalebound and Recore next year and that's even more than we got this year.

Septic1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Precisely. The Xbox One is stronger than ever now and it has an absolute killer lineup. It's finally doing what it should have so long ago and then some.

I can't wait for the new UI! And there needs to be more hype regarding Sea of Thieves!

Magicite1273d ago

They are doing better than Nintendo, but cant hold a candle to Sony.

Septic1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

^^ Yeah we aren't talking about sales here mate.


Yeah the disagreers mentioned nothing so I wonder what the people are silently agreeing with? We are all used to haters buzzing around this platform like flies obsessively but I would like to hear from them.

FlexLuger1273d ago


Well he cant be talking about much else.....

kickerz1273d ago

They're not holding a candle to Sony.. They're holding a FLAMETHROWER :)

WelkinCole1273d ago

MS has done great with new IPs this gen. However it is obvious that he was referring to sales as in system sellers as well as the sales of these games. Not quality. Who knows, Quantum Break might be better than Halo 5

Halo is MS biggest franchise. After releasing it this year there really is no other game as strong as this game to sell more xbox ones next year. Gears is perhaps their second biggest but not as big as Halo.

Looking at it from this perspective it does seem like MS are betting everything on it this year especially the second half which is very risky but I understand why they need to. Sony are just not slowing down and MS has to do something.

Then factoring in the fact that Sony really have not released any of their big hitters until next year couple with improved 3rd party support. I can see why he things MS is a making a mistake this year.

In saying this though it has been a real big improvement since Spence took over. X1 should still do great this gen.

Pogmathoin1273d ago

When X1 was released, many had a huge list of the things MS should be doing and complained non stop. Now, many things have been done from that list, and people still complain non stop. Its nothing but bitterness, people have let things that are meaningless in the grand scheme of things in life get to them.....

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Insomnia_841273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Well, to be fair, let's take a look at how Microsoft handled exclusives last gen and then we could see where the author is coming from.

What he said is what I've been saying for some time now, MS is making a big mistake putting its exclusives so close to release of the bigger franchises like COD. AC, NFS, and now add to that Battlefront and even Hitman! Microsoft is going.suicidal here and the Xbox One exclusives will suffer sales wise.

Common sense.

Septic1273d ago

Then the author's head is stuck in the past. The dynamics of this gen are very different.

poppinslops1273d ago

NFS releases after Forza, CoD and Battlefront both release after Halo and Hitman is a digital-only title until 2016... Assassin's Creed actually looks pretty great, but after last year's Unity/Watch_Dogs fiasco, I don't see it selling particularly well.

Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider both release on the same day (Nov 11), which looks bad for business... I'm getting Tomb Raider day 1 and waiting on patches for Fallout (Bethesda are notorious for launch bugs), but I doubt many others will follow suit.

I wouldn't be suprised to see RotTR's release date changed to earlier in the month... at least I hope so - I really want that game.

gosukyomomma1273d ago

@ septic Really?

because from my experience this gen is going completely the same as last gen for MS aprat from the 180s that eventually got me to purchase the console all they have done is play catch to put themselves on ps4s level, with BC being there only major USP - that to me is weak because i dont play old games on my next gen machines. All my xbox one knows is shooters and racers - the same as last gen and the same now currently.

So as i said what is it about the dynamics that are so different this gen?

Septic1273d ago


"All my xbox one knows is shooters and racers - the same as last gen and the same now currently. "

Sunset Overdrive, Phantom Dust, Recore, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown, D4, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest, Below etc etc. I'm literally rattling these from the top of my head and typing them.

If these titles don't do anything for you then you need to sell your Xbox mate because I don't think MS could make you happy in that regard. It certainly doesn't just have shooters and racers.

gosukyomomma1273d ago

@septic looks like il ve selling it after forza 6 then shame really cus ive always had all consoles except the wii/u
The games u mentioned just dont do it for me susnset overdrive i can not stand how childish that game is and fable is also childish with its farting and burping every two minutes but im glad you gave me the advice because none of the games you mentioned - apart from ori i am interested in. :(

Professor_K1273d ago


then its all your fault

You complaim about shooters but from what i getting from your comment is that your not interested in anything but shooters particularly in the xbox console despite every game septic mentioned, also ironic much?

gosukyomomma1273d ago


no im not ONLY interested in shooters, i like a variety of games its just that MS exclusives seem to be based around shooters or racers - Halo shooter Gears shooter yes i like racers theyre are my favourite genre but i dont want the same cycle i had on my xbox360 where every year the main titles where halo gears forza fable. ive always said ages ago the witcher 2 was my favourite xbox360 exclusive. Its probably mainly to do with the 'dudebro' type image on xbox and that MS push games to cater for them and im not a 'dudebro' gamer.

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DARK WITNESS1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I really don't like articles like this...

he's talking like he only just got to know MS within the last year or so.

MS made it very clear a while ago (I think it was about mid 360 lifecycle) that they only show of games at events like E3 that are coming in the immediate future, like more or less within a year to maybe year and a half launch window.

They have followed this template for announcements ever since.

it's nothing new, no supprise.. and you get bet your arse, MS has problem got their lineup of exclusive games planned well into 2017 probably.

They show us what we need to know and can be hopeful we will actually get sometime soon.

it's that simple and there is nothing bad about it.

Mr Pumblechook1273d ago

@Dark Witness "MS made it very clear a while ago (I think it was about mid 360 lifecycle) that they only show of games at events like E3 that are coming in the immediate future."

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. There is nothing wrong with showing games that are due in the longer term. However Microsoft have also done what you claim they don't. Look at the MS E3 from last year, Crackdown, Phantom Dust and Scalebound and they certainly are not being released this year or the first half of next year which means two years from reveal to launch at least. Some of what was shown at their E3 conference this year were just CGI trailers indicating early development and will not be released next year.

As I said I think it is okay to see show a spectrum of games, some for short term release and some for longer. But look again and you'll see that all the companies do it.


@Mr Pumblechook

Your disagreeing with what I quoted MS saying a while back?

I didn't say there was anything wrong with showing stuff in the long term, I simply pointed out that is what MS said their strategy was a while back.

Showing a game even 24 months off is not that far off, when you consider Sony has announced games then haven't showed up for like 5 years plus.

Again I am not saying write or wrong to either, just pointing out it's been the MS strategy.

It's also worth pointing out that when that statement was made Don Matrick (or whatever his name is) was the one leading stuff. Now Phil is in charge, that strategy may have changed.

I am not pretending to know what their internal plans are and timeline for game releases.

I'm just pointing out what we have known of their plans in the past and they don't seem to have strayed too far from that.


Sorry I meant "you're" lol I hate making that mistake.

Spotie1273d ago

What good is it to point out what their strategy is if they're not even following it?


following or not following it according to who?

read the article again, maybe my point will become clear then..

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Professor_K1273d ago

irrelevant just like the country in terms of console sales

D-riders1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

sureshot, do you work for MS? if not, what are you talking about "we appreciate the concern". Fanboys actually think they belong to a company. The author is right and I noticed this at the conference as well. MS is not in a good position, even if they sell a million or 2 million consoles this xmas which is a ton. ww they wont outsell sony, and they wont dent the lead. halo5 forza etc they are great titles but many of that market already has an xbox 1

medman1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I'm more concerned that Microsoft is continually stacking their exclusives for the holiday, and it's a pretty barren wasteland for AAA's from them the rest of the year.

And this year in particular I think it could bite them, because their exclusives are releasing in the same window as Fallout, Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, Cod, and MGS, all games that are going to do big numbers. Not great. Somewhere, somehow, some, if not all, of these games, including Halo and Tomb Raider, will see the pinch because most gamers I know either don't have the time to play them all, or don't have the money to buy them all (I know I don't have the time to play them all), even if they wanted to. Something has to give.

Captain_TomAN941273d ago

Yeah to be slaughtered like pigs by an onslaught of Sony's 2016 Exclusives.

miyamoto1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

The problem of Xbox One is its brand, public perception, the people handling it and its fanbase.
Not the specs, not the features, not the games, etc etc etc

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Fro_xoxo1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

The future is a bright lit (green) for XO.

There's a plan in place.. 2016 will also be beastly.

There's an Xbox Team for a reason, so you don't have to do all the work. Just play.

Let them worry about sales that you don't have a share in ^_^.

You asked for new IPs, and you've been getting them.

Quantum Break?
etc..and even more new ips will be anounced at Gamescon

I own an XO, and I don't have Halo, Gears or Forza on it.

mcstorm1273d ago

Your spot on. This gen both Microsoft and Nintendo have taken a back step in terms of sales and what Sony did to correct things with the ps3 has helped them have a great start with the ps4. Sony now need to keep this up as both Microsoft and Nintendo are now looking at putting things right to grab a hols in the market. Microsoft seem to have the right man in charge this time round and we still need to wait for Nintendo to show us what they have with the NX as they are happy to keep its current wiiu fan base happy with its 1st party IP's. For me I love what Microsoft are doing and its a great end to the year and for me the ps4 still has nothing I'm interested in but 2016 looks to change that. Microsoft build the e3 up on the last half of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 which people have been asking them to do for years. For me gaming is getting exciting again and I have a feeling we could see a shift in COD, AC and NFS being the number 1 sellers yoy with what we are seeing from Microsoft and Sony. I just hope Nintendo can start to join them too.

chrisx1273d ago

What mistake? As far as I'm concerned MS are are on the road back to redemption,there's lots games coming out

Angeljuice1273d ago

I agree that MS is in a good place right now. I don't think the article is an opinion piece, just playing devils advocate and stimulating conversation/debate.

As he points out, it is obvious that Microsoft sees Christmas sales as its main focus this year, whether it is the right move to release all 4 or 5 of this years big releases within a few weeks of each other at the end of the year is very debatable and worthy of discussion.

Does this mark a future trend for Microsoft? Dribs and drabs throughout the year followed by all the big hitters being released later to maximise the holiday season sales.

rawrock1273d ago

Nope...MS is doing a great job.

Rimeskeem1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

If i were MS i wouldn't be worried about the games coming next year because we know there are plenty. What I would be worried about is the games this year going against games such as Fallout 4. Not saying the games won't do badly but I do feel that Tomb Raiders impact will be lessened if it is released on the same day as Fallout 4. I could be wrong of course.

URtheWalrus1273d ago

Agree. Tomb Raider isn't a game I would go out and buy any system for, but I do love Halo. The only problem here is that I love Fallout more and I have been waiting for Fallout 4 for a long time its gonna be a day 1 buy for me. Looks like I will end up getting Halo 5 after the new year.