Face-Off: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Eurogamer - Packing in all of the post-launch content added to the PC game over the past 12 months, Payday 2: Crimewave edition on PS4 and Xbox One has the potential to be the definitive version of the game. From a visual perspective, Overkill Software promise native 1080p resolution alongside upgraded graphics and higher frame-rates - the latter presumably in comparison to the existing 360 and PS3 ports. With that said, how does the Crimewave Edition of Payday 2 stack up against the PC game? Are we looking at any clear graphical improvements specific to these latest console ports, or simply a straight up conversion that delivers a nice upgrade over the existing console editions? More to the point, in an age where broken online games routinely hit the market, does Payday 2 present a robust, playable experience? Spoilers: Xbox One has severe problems right now.

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jackanderson19851154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

X1 netcode in shambles is a surprise, though they do say a patch is in submission so could be fixed shortly

xbox is better visually it seems tho

JasonKCK1154d ago

Watching somebody miss everything at 30fps.

yewles11154d ago

Trilinear Filtering on PS4? Wow...

blomman791153d ago

Flat ground textures on ps4 much better on xbone. Better fps on xbone= xbone is the winner.

LordMaim1152d ago

Wow. Obvious that someone didn't read the article.

B_Dawg1153d ago

It's a shame a game like this is only like 30FPS on these consoles. It's a last gen game that isn't anything special graphics wise.

hollabox1153d ago

I really think Sony and MS went way too light on the CPUs. I love the RAM, the GPUs are not that bad, especially the PS4 beast GPU. If I'm not mistaken the PS4 CPU is actually slower than the PS3 in some aspects, with XB1 being overall faster that the X360. Just seem like a step backwards to pair mid to high end GPUs with low end embedded PC type CPUs.

IrishSt0ner1153d ago

Both companies believed that they could offload CPU tasks to the GPU. Which (with these cards) 3-4 years ago actually made sense.

GPU power has doubled year on year so
now GPUs twice as powerful are considered mid range. Still, at the end of the day Sony prepared better with a beefer GPU (coupled with a large amount of GDDR5).

With proper CPUs you'd think devs could have targeted 60fps more, but then the price would have went way up.

All trade offs I suppose. I think the next hardware generation will be very interesting if this trend of more gamers having an interest in the performance and fadelity in their games.

hollabox1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )


Yeah, for what it's worth the XB1 keeps up reasonably well considering the GPU and memory bandwidth difference. I don't see this generation lasting as long as the previous. I was still impressed with the PS3 graphics until 2013 with Beyond 2 Souls looking next gen.This generation I've not seen too many titles the first two years or so that made my jaw drop. Drive Club,and Ryse are the only games I own that made my draw drop. The new game Horizon from Guerrilla games, and Tomb Raider from Square looks impressive, but until they're released, I consider current videos and trailers place holder graphics with the expectation of visual downgrades (optimization). Third party games I normally buy on the PC (X99-5930K, AMD 290, Samsung 850 SSD) for the smooth frame rates my hardware can most of the time provide at 1080P.