Batman: Arkham Knight Graphics Configurations and How to disable 30 FPS cap

Many months have passed since the Joker fell. Gotham City has been holding its collective breath ever since, fearing a war over the power vacuum left by the Clown Prince of Crime. That battle never came. Crime rates actually dropped for the first time in Gotham’s recent memory, and its citizens prepared to breathe a sigh of relief.

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CP_Company1267d ago

in the first place fps has to be without any locks.this is bullocks.

S-T-F-U1267d ago

Why would they release the PC version locked at 30fps without a option in the settings to change it? Makes no sense...

Doge1267d ago

Especially considering Nvidia released the trailer for their GameWorks stuff with 60fps gameplay :/

starchild1267d ago

Yeah, that's pretty ridiculous. If they were worried about the game being demanding and people getting mad because they can't maintain 60fps they should have just put a 30fps framerate cap option in the settings for those that want to use it.

PC gamers should have the option to run it at whatever framerates our hardware can handle. Those of us with Gsync monitors, for example, have absolutely no use for a 30fps cap. It shouldn't be forced on any PC gamer.

slappy5081267d ago

Not ideal for most people, and I completely agree with you having a Gsync myself, but I read on steam you can edit the ini to increase the frame cap. Cant comment if that fixes it as the game is still downloading on my system

LordDhampire1267d ago

what did you expect its a shitty console port game, this game is ment for consoles not PC.

Genova841267d ago

I agree a 30 fps lock on pc makes no sense, but it's happening more and more. See:

1. Dark Souls
2. The Evil Within
3. South Park Stick of Truth
4. MKX - cut scenes, xyrays and fatalities.
5. Fallout 4

I really don't know why people think 30 FPS is a good thing, especially in action games. The stick of truth played fine, and sure MKX isn't capped during fights, but the others have no excuse.

fermcr1267d ago

Fallout 4 will not be locked on the PC. It's been confirmed...

Genova841267d ago

@fermcr - glad to hear it I can't read every article that exists and I just saw the one that said it would be locked on all platforms. This stuff usually gets patched, or at least modded, but that's refreshing.

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fermcr1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

30FPS cap on PC... * shakes head *

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