Why didn´t we see Final Fantasy XV at E3?

VgamerZ give us a rundown on all Final Fantasy titles shown at E3, and ask the question on why we did not see any Final Fantasy XV at all.

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Nitrowolf21152d ago

I assume so, Inb4 doesn't make an appearance and goes into hiding for another 5 years only to find out its for nextgen again

dmonee1151d ago

Don't worry. That will happen with FF7(16) remake. Can't wait to see what it looks like on my PS5!!!!!

mikeslemonade1151d ago


FFVII would have overshadowed FFXV. People want FF7 more than FFXV.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1151d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree because it has been confirmed that Gamescom will in fact be the next showing of the game. Apparently we are getting a lot of information and footage too.

iamtehpwn1151d ago

I'm curious why this is even an article? Square Even said they couldn't prepare a trailer in time for E3 because of Duscae 2.0 and the current development schedule, hence it was delayed for Gamescom.

JasonXS121151d ago

Square Enix themselves said that FFXV won't make an appearance at E3 but will be at Gamescom.

I think Square Enix used the pre E3 time to put more time into the game than trying to come up with a trailer only to make another trailer (maybe) at Gamescom. We know the development of FFXV is going smoothly as director Hajime Tabata has done a lot of those Time Reports to talk/show progress of the game.

oasdada1151d ago

I hope they show something different than what we have already seen

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1151d ago

At Gamescom we are getting a bunch of new info on gameplay and story stuff so don't worry. I am really excited to see it.

Sevir1151d ago

They said promotion begins at GamesCon2015 and then runs up to launch which I'm assuming is March 2016. Not sure why the author of the article asked this quest ion when square said NO FF15 at E3 but GamesCon instead

_-EDMIX-_1151d ago

100% agreed. It shows just how bad some of these would be journalist are. Something is wrong when reading the comments provides me with more news then the article. Research, google, its not hard, doesn't take a long time.

Shame on the folks too who keep ok'ing article's asking questions to stuff that was already answered.

chaos9991151d ago

Where rhey said it? Have a link?

Sevir1151d ago

A quick Google of FF15 Gamescon traces news back to Apr 28th 2015... From various sources. Again... This news has been known for months

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The story is too old to be commented.