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There is literally bucketloads of content and replayability here, not to mention a few modes that are hard as nails.

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Mikefizzled1093d ago

My first Devil came was DmC definitive which I loved but it was always the black sheep. I got Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition yesterday and its great. Not yet as complex as DmC but still great.

saukelover121093d ago

does the story change if you play with Nero

Eiyuuou1092d ago

The first 11 or 12 missions are played as Nero in the main story. Then you take controll of Dante and follow his side of the story. Afterwards you switch back to Nero again.

Eiyuuou1092d ago

You get an opening cinematic and an ending cinematic.
When you pick Trish and Lady you play half of it with Trish and half with Lady. They also have their own beginning and ending. No extra cutscenes in between as far as I'm aware.

Eiyuuou1092d ago

Au contraire. DMC4's combat system is actually deeper and more complex, but way more difficult to master. Whilst DmC is more accessible and easier, but doesn't quite have the same depth... It's good for first timers and casuals though.

saukelover121092d ago

im sorry i meant to say if you play with Vergil or Trish,does the story change