Gamasutra - Epic's Capps: Unreal Engine 4 Due For 'Next Console Generation'

Speaking at GameFest in Seattle, Epic's Mike Capps has been discussing Unreal Engine 4, suggesting the next version of the dominant game engine is in production and will debut " the next console generation - our rough guess is 2012 - 2018."

Specifically, Epic president Capps - who introduced a Gamasutra-attended GameFest panel that included notable Unreal Engine 3-using creators such as Gearbox's Randy Pitchford, mentioned that the Unreal Engine tools had a markedly "console focus" going forward, and then noted:

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NO_PUDding3792d ago

Gears of War franchise won't looks better until next generation consoles = confimred :D!!

I kid, I kid.

Seems they could try to do it on current hardware, this is a bit pre-emptive.