Japan's game market hits record high as consoles decline and mobile grows

New data from Japanese game mag Famitsu, which closely tracks the country's game market, reveals that the country's game biz has hit an all-time high: $9.6 billion dollars in 2014.

Japan's thriving mobile game business is responsible for a huge chunk of that: $5.8 billion, an 18 percent year-on-year increase.

But the data isn't all rosy: It shows the console game segment shrinking -- both in terms of hardware and software sales, which in 2014 reached their lowest point since 2005, the earliest year in the period tracked in the report.

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Revolt131035d ago

Oh dear, put the phones down, Japan!

JasonKCK1035d ago

Why should they if that's what they enjoy? Would you prefer they play on a device of your choosing?

JasonKCK1035d ago

So for selfish reasons then. At least you're honest.

Nerdmaster1035d ago

That's the same reason why we like when the console we choose sells more than the competition: higher sales attracts game companies and this means more and better games for that console. Now that japanese gamers stopped buying console games, japanese game companies are shifting production in a way that doesn't please the majority of us. So of course we want them to play more on consoles for selfish reasons, we want more games for the platforms we like. It's not as bad as you're trying to make it sound.

I also hate when I see japan's video game sales lately, and the current trend of game companies releasing sequels to games I loved (like Fantasy Life) on smartphones.

ravens521035d ago

This is bad because the market believes were moving towards phone "games" and this is just making them believe they're right. They had an article stating how in 2020-something all of us gamersll be playing phone "games". Idk about everyone else but I hate phone games,only play them to waste time. I play real video games to enjoy my free time.

1035d ago
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Jubez1871035d ago

They work and go to school liek 100 hours a week. That's why they give a rat's about mobile gaming.

MasterCornholio1035d ago

Game on public transportation.

I bet that's what many of them do on the way to work.

ameliabaz1035d ago

And aren't their houses really small and narrow due to Japan's lack of space? I imagine it's not very practical to have a big HD TV with some consoles hooked up to it in a living room that's only big enough to hold a small coffee table.

3-4-51035d ago

* When you factor in 2,000,000 buys of a gem tap game, the stats are kind of altered a bit unfairly.

* Most people playing obsessively over phone games aren't the types buying Consoles & Pc & dedicated handheld games.

* The console,pc,& dedicatd handheld market in the US is very healthy.

* Just because somebody hit 700 Home Runs, doesn't mean the guy that hit 659 Home Runs now sucks....He's still really really good....really healthy, just not as much as the one doing the best.

You get it ?

* Mobile Phones = Girl Groups & Boy Bands.

There is no substance...all show, and it sells, and people know it, but lets not mistake sales numbers for quality of games.

Viper71034d ago

Seems you havent played many mobages,. They are kinda hardcore compared to western casual games. For example puzzle and dragons has more depth than average console game.

Hell they even made 3DS game based on it and made it easier for console audience...

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Elda1035d ago

Thank God consoles still rule in the good ole USA!

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paradigmfellow1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Today is a sad day.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1035d ago

Hopefully Final Fantasy VII remake and Final Fantasy XV cause a huge surge of PS4 purchases in Japan. I think that will help a lot honestly.

curtis921035d ago

So uh... what are they playing exactly? Japan, you crazy.

Sashamaz1035d ago

I've spent too much money on that game. Mobile games are too addictive.

Viper71035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Puzzle & dragons and Monster strike are kinda big there on Mobile. Kantai collection (a.k.a Kancolle) and few others are pretty big on PC.

Generally games where you collect cards/characters from virtual gatcha machine to use in the actual game. These characters are mostly cute anime girls and some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to obtain the rarest ones.

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