Batman Arkham Knight PC Port Is Terrible According To Steam Reviewers

This was kind of expected. TotalBiscuit reported previously that there weren’t any PC review codes being sent out for Batman Arkham Knight and it turns out that he was very much right when he asked people not to preorder.

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swishersweets200311148d ago

Month or so ago i could of got this game on PC - Deluxe edition with all the dlc for 28$ from g2a, but something made me think of what happened to the MKX port on PC. I held off. Glad i did.

Ezz20131148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Might be wrong..and would be glad if someone correct me
But i think this is happening because they are using denuvo protection
I hear that it make games very buggy on PCs.

Crimzon1148d ago

I don't think people are really missing out anyways. Every time I watch a stream for this game on Twitch it's just people complaining about all the batmobile sections and how the game just isn't fun to play. I've got a feeling that in a month or two the general consensus on this game will be that it's terrible. Shame to see a franchise that started out so great go out with a disappointing whimper.

Ezz20131148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


i'm still very sad about this
i wanted to play this game since the day i hear about it
But they piss me off greatly with this crap

i have the game now
Run like even drop to 1fps
WTF?!...i run Witcher 3 at 1080p with most setting on high and get 30-40fps

Microstutter every where
The graphics are not even that much better than arkham city ...those pics were complete bullshots
and they updated the AMD gpu RAM from 2gb to 3gb
This is unacceptable

I'm soo mad right now
For me
if they don't fix this FAST...i will never support them again.
and i hope to god that gamers treat them like Ubisoft or even worse

MasterCornholio1148d ago

A stupid DRM system can mess up a game that badly?

Holy crap.

mikeslemonade1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Some said the game is the best looking to date. From the previews it barely looks better than GTA5 PC version.

starchild1148d ago

I'll have to play it for myself. I know a lot of these kinds of things have been over-exaggerated in the past. Not saying it isn't true, but I don't completely take the word of other people. I've noticed that some of my fellow PC gamers tend to think any demanding game that doesn't run well on their mid or low end PC is somehow "badly optimized". We'll see if it's actually true this time. Disappointing if it is true.

kraenk121148d ago

And then they wonder why people pirate the game...

freshslicepizza1148d ago

this is the sad reality of gaming nowadays, to patch them later. it is often worse on the pc compared to consoles when a game launches with major issues but console games are not immune to this either. things will settle down with updates but it's still frustrating to those who want to play it right away.

UnHoly_One1148d ago

I'm afraid you might be right, Crimzon.

The Batmobile has me very worried.

magiciandude1148d ago

DRM is getting more vicious than ever before. I am skipping this game for sure. Maybe I'll buy it pre-owned on Xbox One or PS4 if I ever want to play it...

gninja921148d ago

the game looks fine when i watch people paly, but the only thing about the batmobile i dont like, and i did not since the car was first revealed is it looks very arcade-ish int he way it handles especially in tank mode, its jsut gliding across the map like a ballerina.

Utalkin2me1148d ago

Im so glad Steam recently implemented the refund option. Cause i used it today on this game.

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wwarren191148d ago

Yeah. I saw this coming too. MKx was a crap port and arkham city has issues that were never fixed!

OhMyGandhi1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I usually do as well. Didn't this time.
Now I have problems with just about everything. pop ins, and random polygons stretched everywhere and missing bodies. The works. all in the first scene in the diner.

just snapped a photo:

...and a video:

Ezz20131148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Just a complete crap PC port from Rocksteady

morganfell1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

That's not a bug. Haven't you been paying attention? That's Pixie Pixelator, the new super villain that Rocksteady created for Arkham. Her character is exclusive to the PC version.

Erik73571148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Still...28 bucks...just play it after it gets fixed weeks later...better than waiting for it to be fixed and pay 50-60 dollars.

Magicite1148d ago

so after all PS4 is the superior version

fermcr1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I guess now we know why we didn't get PC reviews before launch...

I expect to see a lot of refunds for this game.

aquamala1148d ago

chill out dudes, and wait for patches, worst case Steam gives you full refund

Azzanation1148d ago

Its sold for a good price on Steam now and considering it will most likely be patched would mean great value plus future proof hardware.

madmonkey011148d ago

can get it today for £15.99

swishersweets200311148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I seen that. They got it for 30$ now. I rather hold off anyways. From the live streams i watched last night on ps4, it just didn't look that interesting. Graphics look great of course, but the game itself i got bored watching. Considering the PC version is a disaster for some people. I could imagine the price going even lower. This is sort of why i stopped pre ordering games in general from any company. No matter how great they are, it just seems like this generation is just showing they rush out the product too fast.

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devileyed1148d ago

I can say It runs pretty awful. My Pc is no slouch either. such a shame

morganfell1148d ago

It is a shame. Many of us really love this hobby. And very little in this hobby is as disappointing as anticipating a game only to have the rug pulled out from under us when go time comes around there is a gamestopping bug - and nothing you can do about it. It is frustrating as hell.

devileyed1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Yeah Morgan this is an extreme case here. I finally got it stable enough to play but that all goes out the window when the Batmobile is in use which is a big problem since this game should have been called "Batmobile Arkham Nights".
Anyway there is no reason this game should be chewing up high end rigs this way and looking this bad while doing it.

--bienio--1148d ago

Do not try yet but im not expected Its going to be works after so many bad reviews.. Glad im still playing Witcher 3 btw great Pc version.

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MasterCornholio1148d ago

I know it does but PC gamers deserve a playable version of the game. I mean some spend over 2000$ on their rigs so its only fair that they get a better experience.

I only game on Console bur even I admit that.

NBT911148d ago

Yeah I spent £1300 on my PC last November. If I have a rig that is above recommended spec for this game I should feel safe buying a game for it but I never do.

Developers seem to think that because PC is an open platform, they can just fart out anything and watch the money come in.

I'm glad I kept my consoles but I still won't be buying the game today. I wanted to get it on my PC.

Khajiit861148d ago

I agree, but Game developers dont get anything out of that $2000, plus PC gamers usually get the games for like half off so developers are not making as much as they can.

FullmetalRoyale1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

*Big edit there. Had to edit mine accordingly.*

Regardless, if someone spends their money on a game, they deserve to have it in working order.
I think it is disgusting that people with a passion like I have are dealing with this show of disrespect.
No one deserves that as a consumer, much less a fan.

TonyPT1148d ago

Unfortunately you're right. The PS4 version is quite stable actually. Well, better for console users :)

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