Lego Dimensions is Unlike Any Toys-2-Life Experience I Have Ever Played, And it's Awesome

"When Warner Bros announced the release of Lego Dimensions and its accompanying figurines, many people looked at it as an attempt to capitalize and cash-in on the toys-2-life genre. Slowly, more positive news began to release concerning the title. First and foremost, Lego Dimensions will not be an annual release. Instead, the game will act more like a “platform” over the span of three years. After playing the title, I understood that although Lego Dimensions is obviously an attempt to reap profits from the figurine and collection market, it is also a competent and engaging title fit for all gaming audiences" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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gameboy11150d ago

Amiibo's are way cooler....SOS

SteamPowered1150d ago

Massive potential here. They may catch lightning in a bottle.

nikrel1150d ago

I'll wait to see what it looks like in real life.
From videos i've seen you have to build the car or toy into 3 variations, but to get that variation you have to follow strict rules. I was under the impression you could build it anyway you wanted, now that impression has changed.

I'm still excited for it but I want to see more.

PhoenixUp1150d ago

It'll cover a broad range of media

WizzroSupreme1150d ago

It sure looks cool. Too bad it's mostly with the same Lego minifigs that we already have, but the game looks great.