Buyer Beware: Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC is a Bug-Ridden Mess

"Watch out, PC gamers. You'll want to wait for a few patches before picking this one up."

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crazychris4124977d ago

Glad Im waiting it out for the complete edition.

Nirvana31591977d ago

I guess I'm getting the PS4 version

Ezz2013977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

I may sound like AMD lol
But I'm starting to think Nvidia is indeed doing something to those games

It's just strange how the other batman games using the same engine never had any problems

While this gen ...Nvidia Gamework seems to make games very buggy for AMD cards
even if you do disable it.

TBH I had a bad feeling about this game since Rocksteady showed how greedy they are with DLCs

For shame ,Rocksteady ...for shame .

joab777977d ago

Ya know. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind a dev telling us, "hey guys we are making a new superhero IP and all the money from the Batman dlc is gonna go towards our next huge project. The dlc is top notch and invested alot of time. We want you to enjoy it and we also want you to know that all the proceeds will be used to help fund our forthcoming vision."

just_looken977d ago

No surprise the last game rocksteady made that worked was the first one back in 2008 sense then its dlc first then patch it if they care.

Remember the last one batman arkham origins they worked on dlc before patches even though that game was a borderline recall state.


Rocksteady didnt make Origins, and typically DLC is a publisher (warner bros) issue.

DevilOgreFish977d ago

"Bug-Ridden Mess"

For AMD GPUs, temporarily. Nvidia is advertised once again in pc gaming trailers.

StillGray977d ago

Microstutter also happens on Nvidia cards.

rainzor977d ago

No problems on ps4 #PCLoserraces

--bienio--977d ago

Ps4/XboxO consoles remastered race!!

stragomccloud977d ago

Like broken games haven't released on PS4 before? ahem Assassin's Creed Unity. At least with PC games we'll be able to double our framerates, etc.

ninjahunter977d ago

No, no you've got it all wrong, devs on ps4 have stated that they release busted up games as artistic choice! I think "Cinematic" is the term the hip kids use these days.

brish977d ago


You'll be able to crash twice as fast! ;-)

Seriously, it seems like every game on every platform is released in a broken state recently. It's just sad.

Bathyj977d ago

Stop it. Youre not helping.

977d ago
Bathyj977d ago

I can't stand PlayStation fanboys.

There, fixed it for you.

d3nworth1977d ago

I mainly game on PS4 and what you did was completely unnecessary. I know PC elitist tend to act like assholes but nobody said anything about the consoles. So no need to start arguments over hardware.

slappy508977d ago

Theres no need to be a jerk about it, people should be taunting Rocksteady not other gamers, because it is their fault!
Anyhow the game runs better if you tweak the max frames in the ini file and switch anti aliasing off, a temporary workaround till they fix it

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x_RadicalAura_x977d ago

I'll have the PS4 version plz.

OhMyGandhi977d ago

..they say as it's nearing 100 percent download on my steam.

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The story is too old to be commented.