Xbox One team "built a virtual Xbox 360 entirely in software" for backwards compatibility

When news broke about the Xbox One receiving backward compatibility in the coming months, much of the internet erupted with joy. Microsoft was awarded praises from on-the-fence console buyers as well as from previously frustrated Xbox 360 users.

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DevilOgreFish883d ago

" According to Bill, the Xbox team "built a virtual Xbox 360 entirely in software. And then we take the old 360 games put them in the emulation program that is built into Windows 10.""

Windows 10 can emulate 360 games? noway!

4Sh0w883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

Wow, that's sick.

-Also, if a lot of your favorites are first party, I'm sure they are going to be in the first 100+ list coming this fall:

"while waiting for individual 3rd party license agreements to clear, Microsoft will initially be pushing all first party titles into the program."

Bigpappy883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

People can try to down play this feature as much as it can bring them some sort of weird comfort. But this is a huge feature. And yes, just know you have the choice of that huge back catalog at your of physical and digital content, can entice many on the fence and some on the other side to finally give in and get themselves an Xbox One.

Things like this (features) add lots more value to the console.

AngelicIceDiamond882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Leave it up to a company like MS to figure out this once thought impossible feat.

mikeslemonade882d ago

Not sure what's more impressive: BC or fitting a 360 emulaton on a relatively weak hardware like the X1.

christocolus882d ago


Its amazing what can be accomplished via software emulation.It would be nice if Xbox 360 games with gold were also made available on Xbox One from here on out.would be awesome.

sinjonezp882d ago

With the fact that windows 10 is the platform for emulation, I wonder if you will be able to just pop your Xbox 360 games into your dvd drive and windows 10 will read them? This is pretty cool and exciting. I am sure there are significant hurdles to cross but if they can get to a point where you load up windows 10 and can access the Xbox 360 store and play games on your PC or from your dvd, that would be a awesome sell for windows 10 in my opinion.

Septic882d ago

"It would be nice if Xbox 360 games with gold were also made available on Xbox One "

That's a really good idea and I can see it happening.

Also, similar with EA Access; EA could be giving away digital 360 titles in the future:

Watch this space!

kraenk12882d ago

I'll be impressed when really complex and processor heavy games like RDR will be emulated.

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sinspirit882d ago

Yeah. They announced Windows XBox compatibility before. Obviously, it never happened. So, really they already had a lot of work done for this to be translated onto X1.

Blaze929882d ago

lol yet people still doubt MS's capabilities to continue changing/improving the Xbox One through software...

Software Gods

MyDietEqualsGames882d ago

if that is true and within the OS, I expect it to be exploited in some way. =/

kneon882d ago

If it's true that Windows 10 will run 360 games then they are heading towards my suggestion from a couple of years ago. All games will be playable on Windows and the XB1 just becomes a living room friendly gaming PC for people that can't be bothered to build their own or just want the official reference platform.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima883d ago

The guys at Microsoft are genius.

paul-p1988882d ago

The Xbox division has some geniuses, but the guys who thought Vista and Windows 8 were a good idea... not so much lol

882d ago
MyDietEqualsGames882d ago

Wow, those disagrees... we got some real fanboys for that ratio to be in favor of windows 8. LMAO!

I skipped 8 and stood on the mighty Win7 64. Waiting on my up to Win10/DX12. Kreygasm

paul-p1988881d ago

@MyDietEqualsGames I know!! I don't understand how people can like Windows 8, metro is AWFUL and there is no way of avoiding it (no matter how hard I try lol). Windows 8 is made for tablets, or people who have never used Windows before, not for systems admins etc.

The less said about Vista the better lol

CoLD FiRE882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

As someone who is into tech, you have no idea how much it "turns me on" just thinking about how they were able to accomplish this. What those MS engineers achieved is really not an easy feat. It's a testament to how talented the software engineers at MS are.

xer0882d ago (Edited 882d ago )


But we've been living with virtual machines and emulators for over a decade. I'm not saying it's easy... but this is nothing new.

I just wonder what type of security they have implemented.., to prevent people from running disc images ;-)

CoLD FiRE882d ago

@xer0 I know, I've been virtualizing different OS's forever though of course not on a low level like what MS is doing with the hypervisor and such.

What I meant is, it's insane how they managed to emulate the 360 PPC's architecture on the really low-end x86 CPU they have in the Xbox One. If the Xbox One had an i7 or something as powerful, this wouldn't have sounded as insane to me. But the Xbox One uses an AMD Jaguar CPU that's literally designed for tablets (especially if you cut the core count to half). That's one of the reasons why I find this fascinating.

ginsunuva882d ago

It's called an emulator...

DarkBlood883d ago

wait this is going to be possible when my laptop gets upgraded to win10?

or is this feature just for xbox one? doesnt matter too much because i got them all, just wishing to know for curiosity sake?

TomLovesXBOX883d ago

if this is possible on my labtop, then I don't see any point in getting an xbox now.

JMaine518883d ago

Wow these guys are amazing at what they do.

DevilOgreFish883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

They better Add Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero to the list.

4logpc883d ago

PDZ is already on the list. In fact im playing it right now!

Mikefizzled882d ago

He is sort of telling the truth. PAL versions of PDZ and Banjo N'n'B currently don't work. I haven't been able to get either to work since launch whereas PAL Viva Pinata games works fine.

holysmokesbatman882d ago

kameo is on the list too.

AngelicIceDiamond882d ago

All the Ninja Gaidens, Ninja Blade and Tenchu Z as well.

starchild882d ago

Yes, thank you, those are important games for me too. Well, not Ninja Blade since I own it on PC, but I would still like to play those others.

Rookie_Monster882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

MS said all their 1st party games will be made BC on XB1 so no doubt Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Alan Wake, Shadow Complex, Halo Wars, Kameo will all be there at launch or shortly after. :)

Also, I doubted this emulator will be on Windows PC because of the thousands of different hardware configuration unlike the unified XB1 system. I CAN'T see Halo Reach running on my Surface Pro 2 but I Would love to though.

Mikefizzled882d ago

You completely contradicted yourself there. All those games in your list are 3rd party Microsoft Studios published titles. I would love to see if Halo Wars gets an fps boost from this though.

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