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Playstation Insider Author writes: It only took me 10 minutes to realize that Dying Light was almost exactly the same as Dead Island. Dying Light doesn’t simply look like Dead Island in its setting or style, it rehashes whole gameplay highlights. The emphasis on melee weapons is the same. The kick you use to keep the undead under control is the same. Indeed, even the stamina bar, which drains each time you swing a baseball bat or wrench, is the same. The making is indistinguishable, in capacity if not frame, permitting you to add essential harm to your weapons through outlines and overhauls.

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techologie1151d ago

I had the same experience with this game. Feels a lot like dead island.

illmatic1151d ago

Yeah. The game was a disappointment in my eyes. So much could have been done.

UKmilitia1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

i had a blast from start to finish.
loved it.
specially coop with brother inlaw.

the characters was bland though and story poor in many places,also it got to a point i felt invincible which took the edge off

Lightning Mr Bubbles1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

This game is very good, I'm still playing it but then again I love zombie games and this is really the only next gen zombie game on PS4.

There is a lot to do and loads of side missions, once you level up and start putting together some strong weapons, you really start smashing up zombies and rebels.

What does kinda suck about this game is the story and even some of the story missions, the characters are terrible and their accents are just so cheesy and annoying. But still, it's not a deal breaker because the game is huge and there is so much to do and collect and level up that I enjoyed playing the game for a long time.

Raziology1151d ago

This game was the surprise of the year for me. I didn't have high expectations on it, but decided to buy it anyways since the month when it was released was almost dry in terms of compelling titles (PS4). I ended up playing it nonstop even for the sheer feeling of dismembering the zombies or kicking them off of rooftops.

rawrock1151d ago

Dying Light was awesome, had a blast with it on X1. Best zombie game in a long time.

IamTylerDurden11151d ago

Obviously it was a Dead island spiritual successor and the only reason it doesn't use the Dead island name is bc Deep Silver owns it. This was always featured as Dead island in a slightly different setting with parkour and a night time element. I enjoyed Dead island considerably so i was always comfortable with this fact.

When we first heard that Dying Light and Dead island 2 were in production i was excited. I was always more excited for Dead island 2 bc i like Yager and Deep Silver and i knew that while it was called Dead island 2 it had a chance to be something entirely different. It appears as though Yager is maximizimg what Dead island does well (combat, crafting, fun) and expanding on it 10 fold while cutting back on or changing what didn't work (story, drama, characters). Dead island 2 seems to be going for a Dead Rising feel with hundreds of weapons and a vastly expanded weapon crafting system. The location (cali) is rife with power tools and sporting goods stores, Yager has a proficiency with the Unreal engine (Spec Ops, Unreal 3) and they are using Unreal 4 in Dead island 2 and apparently yielding excellent results.

Dying Light is a Dead island clone, but like Dead island it's fun and it works. Dead island 2 is the one i'm really anticipating, let's hope it *lives* up to expectations and isn't the *death* of the franchise.

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