So, Will We Actually Get A World Map In The FFVII Remake?

Given the fact that Square Enix won't keep the same structure for Final Fantasy VII, what can we expect? Will an open-world style supplant the world map?

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NukaCola1119d ago

Oh, I hope that there's a world map. They can do it. I'd like something like Ni No Kuni just obviously not anime.

SaveMeJebus1119d ago

I imagine FF7 remakes world map to look something like Star Ocean's. Oh and why are they calling it a remake, when clearly it will be a reboot.

GhostTurtle1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Im happy either way but I agree with your last sentence. For me personally, I just wanted a remake (bring it to a modern state, keep alot of the stuff the same, limited voice acting, similar camera angles, TB combat, ect). Its been talked about for so many years now its almost like we (some folks) forgot what we wanted to begin with. Its clearly a reboot, and im excited either way I just hope they dont f*** it up and take away what made it so special to begin with.

Army_of_Darkness1119d ago

Obviously... FF7 wouldn't work well without a world map. Anyone who had played it knows it's a nessessity.

CaspuR1119d ago

Yea hopefully one like final fantasy 15.......

TwilightSparkle1119d ago

Advent children open world :D imagine epic real time battles while on you're bike? Aawwwwwsssoooommmmeeeee!!!!!

CaspuR1119d ago

That would be awesome, I like the way you think

pasta_spice1119d ago

But hopefully more colorful than Advent Children. I didn't like how grey and lifeless the world was portrayed in the movie. I get why New Midgar would be grey because it's an industrial city, but the world map itself should be really green and lush.

TwilightSparkle1119d ago

Yeah but that could be part of the story. It could be a ty in with the original ff7 or a completely new story. But I get what you mean. And if its and open world. It could be like ff15. Idk ><

ZaWarudo1119d ago

You can't have FFVII without world map.

kydrice1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

People are saying "they better keep fighting turn based!" but I wouldn't mind if they changed it to something like FF15 or some sort of hybrid. Whatever the case, the one thing I really want them to keep is an open world map. If once I get to step foot out of Midgar and then be presented with a list and a map of waypoints, that would way more of a serious bummer than new fighting mechanics. Then again, they could do WAY WORST. They could end up putting the entire game on rails like FF13-1, but I know they won't unless Japan wants to risk a NATO invasion.

CaspuR1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

THANK YOU. I dont know why people are so attached to the final fantasy 7 battle system at all. the only thing they need to keep is the materia system everything else feed it to the dogs...

kingdip901119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Not sure how materia will work without turn based... many of them added attacks per turn and the summons would be awkward without it to.

Not to mention controlling other party members with varying materia loadouts without turn based. If it was like ff15s battle system there better be one he'll of an AI to understand what you have planed with the materia you gave each character.

Limit breaks would be a pain to.

You lose so much without turn based.

Mentioning twitch in the article makes me laugh. Pokemon on twitch has a massive following and it's very turn based.

KimikoGaming1119d ago


Have you not played Crisis Core? It had the materia system but not turn based combat.


The reason people are so attached to the FF7 system is because it is probably one of the most refined battle systems of the entire series. Out of all of the ATB games, it was the most inviting. I personally liked FFX's system a bit more, but it was pure turn base rather than ATB.

DaddyPoppa1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I dont see how summons and limit breaks wound be a pain at all...Its not rocket science people. i mean all you need to do is look at or play FF15 for all the info you need replace certain things with FF7 things and its done. The one summon they showed in FF15 looks 10x better than anything we seen in a FF game b4. and Limit breaks are just basically things you get if you get hurt enough once you fill the gauge you use a special attack, how difficult would that be to do in an ARPG? sounds perfect for it imo. and materia is basically another way to put certain skills on characters kingdom hearts does the same crap but calls it something different.

Edit: This is CaspuR

MRMagoo1231118d ago

I think people want turn based because thats what ff7 is, they are doing a remake not a part 2, turn based makes it more strategic and you have to think rather than mash like an ADD kid.

DaddyPoppa1118d ago


Mash buttons? FF strategic? lol, Final fantasy is by far the less strategic Turn based game out there, please dont take the gameplay highroad when it comes to Turn based vs ARPG. Ill admit ARPGS can be braindead at times but soo are Turn based games especially when there at the absolute worse when all ur doing is one shoting a particular enemy in a particular area to gain exp. At least just by the nature of Arpgs im going to be more engaged in the combat, at least when it isn't turn based every battle will be at least slightly different because im not being warp to the same vaguely familiar location EVERY time I get into a fight. Maybe just maybe id be able you use my environment to my advantage not just a backdrop.

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