E3 2015: DICE aren’t Making Star Wars Battlefield, It’s True Battlefront

Junkie Monkeys: Those who were worried that DICE’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront installment would reek of Battlefield, and lose the true essence of the series, we say that you shouldn’t worry. After playing the game at E3 2015, we can safely say this is the Battlefront sequel that true fans have been aching and waiting for.

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venom061002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Good video... so glad this was said and it's very true. This isn't Star Wars Battlefield, this is a next gen beautiful version with the casual fun of the first two. If it was over-complex, it would be Star Wars Battlefield.. As long as it's casual fun, like the first 2, that's what really matters..

ThichQuangDuck1001d ago

Good Video? It was 40 Seconds if you subtract the intro and they just say "you don't reload" it is true to battlefront

ThichQuangDuck1001d ago

No Bots
No Space Battles
No fully playable story of all movies

It is cool if other people love it,but I am disapointed

WillGuitarGuy1001d ago

I enjoyed every second of the two times that I got to play Battlefront at E3. It's a fun game, and it doesn't need anything extra if what's being worked on is a solid as possible, without the team losing focus on the core aspects of the game.

ThichQuangDuck1000d ago

Cool I haven't played it. When I play it I will decide for myself