Why Total War: Warhammer Blew Me Away at E3 - PC Gaming Enthusiast

Matthew Marinett provides his views on the E3 Total War: Warhammer demo shown to press behind closed doors. He writes:

"I came to the Total War: Warhammer demo expecting to see a Total War game with a new skin. What I saw instead was a whole new type of game, one that stands to both bring back the veterans of past Total War games and a swath of new players as well. I’m excited. If you like Warhammer or Total War, or strategy games in general, you should be too."

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LaWiiG1154d ago

The total war series needs to stay. that's the only thing Sega has going for it anymore. Such a niche market though.

Koopdogg1154d ago

Wonder can they learn from mistakes of the past and not botch this up on release