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Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"One of the highlights of the Xbox Event was seeing the new Ford GT being lowered from the ceiling during the Forza Motorsport 6 segment. Seeing that, along with game footage, definitely got the crowd roaring. Luckily for me, I had an appointment to go hands-on with this bad boy. I’m not the biggest fan of driving simulation games but I was thoroughly impressed by what I experienced."

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rbailey1270d ago

Forza Horizon 2 was awesome and definitely has me excited for this now.

3-4-51270d ago

Just braking lines aren't bad, to learn the tracks but once I get used to them I usually turn it off.

Elit3Nick1270d ago

I've gone back to Forza 5 and for the first time I'm playing without driving lines, I want to memorise every corner of every track by the time Forza 6 it out. To anyone that plays with driving lines, turn it off and try getting the feel of the track, you'll be able to take corners far better than you've been with the lines.

Neoninja1270d ago

You know I've never played with the driving line on, I always felt it takes away from actually learning the track. So far have you seen a difference in your driving now that you don't use the line?

Jimkahn1270d ago

wow i just assumed everyone turned them off they annoyed me as soon as i saw them as they distracted me too much, though i suck at racing games so maybe i should have them on haha

poppinslops1270d ago

You can set driving lines to only show up on corners - which I did for Horizon 2... that map is simply too large to memorise.

Learning Forza 5's tracks could take a while, so you'll probably want to keep them on until you know your way around... and remember, there's no shame in pressing the 'rewind' button.

Bigpappy1270d ago

As the week goes by you will hear more and more journalist tell you that this is the most beautiful racer on the planet. I say that after look at footage from DC, PC and this game for several different sources. The interiors are far superior, and the sceneries are much more vivid. Deformations in mud and grass and other fine details are on a higher level. WI am surprise that no one has said the footage is for a PC hidden under some table, lol.

1270d ago
iistuii1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I've got to admit I watched the Forza6 gameplay trailer on my Xbox One & I honestly can't see it looking that good, if it does I won't only be amazed I'll be well happy. It looks incredible & too good to be true.... If they manage it & it looks like the trailer it would be awesome considering its 1080/60.

urwifeminder1270d ago

The physics are going to be amazing in this lovely.

juaburg911270d ago

Putting fanboyisms aside, if you are looking for the most realistic simulator racing experience out there, what game should one go for? :)

poppinslops1270d ago

I've played Forza 4 and 5, Horizon 1 and 2, GT6 and unpatched versions of Project Cars, Driveclub and the Crew (on a buddy's PS4)... I found Forza 5 to be the most realistic of the bunch, so I'd say Forza 6 is the game to go for.

Some PC elitist tried to tell me 'Assetta Corsa' (pretty sure that's what it's called) was a more realistic sim than Forza, but I'd never heard of it before, so who knows?


chris13gt1270d ago

I am a PC-XBOX gamer and i can tell you this:Assetto Corsa IT IS more realistic sim than Forza and GT.

kraenk121270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Assetto Corsa and rFactor2 on PC (the latter one looking pretty ancient though). GT6' physics on consoles actually are more realistic than Forza 5's, Forza 6 should improve on that though.

Neither GT or Forza are real sims. They are simcade.

FlexLuger1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Handling wise? I think forza has PCars, AC and GT beat. In terms of feel. The cars have a more tactile, feel to them. weight transfer and tyre limits are better communicated than the other sims I have played, though other sims add things like pit crew and 24 hour races ( I aint playing a 24 hour race personally, but some people like to use it as a selling point when arguing a case for their fave sim)...But if we are talking purely from a "does this FEEL like a car?" perspective, I think forza has all those games beat.

I look forward to taking a Porsche 911 GT3 RS around nurburgring in FM6. T10 always had the best porch handling model imo. they captured its when the rear gets really grippy and the front goes a bit light on the exit of a corner..the way it stabalizes under breaking. The way it forces you to use that rear weight bias like a pendulum through corners. Forza is the ONLY game to recrate the 911 experience in a way that is comparable to the real thing. In AC, GT, and Pcars the RUF/Porsches just feel like gripy mid engined cars that dont like to turn. Thats NOT how a porsche feels. I know this for a fact.

T10 got the most difficult car to simulate down to the perfect T. Nuff said.


I disagree. I think GTs cars are too forgiving and lean more towards understeer, even on cars that I KNOW will bite your head off, in real life.

AC, Is a great sim. But its cars lack a little feel compared to forza. I play both with a pad so I cant comment on wheel feedback etc. . but with a pad, FM5 cars feel more satisfying than AC. I have AC and PCars on my PC btw.