PlanetSide 2 for PS4 Now Available on PS Store; 10.7GB Download Size

PlanetSide 2 is now available via the PSN (EU)

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JoGam1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

I don't see it available for download. Lies!

RAM0N 1006d ago

I know man the lies,the lies!

dantesparda1005d ago

Why cant websites say which region its in everytime. Should be a universal rule.

nX1005d ago

The US version is available as well now, you can "purchase" it here and download it from the library on your PS4

Loktai1005d ago


You're the man.

ChronoJoe1005d ago

Available for me on both US and EU accounts now.

Game looks fun, I'm sceptical of the studios new ownership however. I feel like the game is liable to see less success without the Playstation / Sony branding.

Apollosupreme1005d ago

Just "bought it" on my phone via PSN (NA) and sent it to my download queue on my PS4. Will play later. :)

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chrish19901006d ago

ah, poo. This is for the EU - I'll change the excerpt to reflect that. Thanks for letting me know!

joab7771006d ago

Knew it was too good to be true lol!

XanderZane1005d ago

Maybe it's Europe only right now. There are membership fees for this game now? It's FREE on the PC with no fees. There will be a subscription fee for the PS4 version? If so, screw that. I'll just continue to play the PC version.

Brettman20081005d ago

Free to play with optional subscriptions.

XanderZane1005d ago

Ok, good. I want to test it out, but don't want to have to pay to do so. Thanks for the info.

thorstein1005d ago

It's on the US store now as well.

Crazyglues1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Yeah downloaded it, it's ok, kinda reminds me of MAG if you remember that game...

UKmilitia1005d ago

if it runs anything like the beta i wouldnt bother.

3-4-51005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

It was fun for a while on PC...well I'm sure it probably still is, but yea for free, this game is awesome.

* It's kind of that go to free game you can play a bit in between other larger game releases.

Pc had microtransactions if you wanted them, but I played for free, earned stuff and still liked the game a lot.

ATi_Elite1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Worth the wait.

Welcome once again to the Glorious world of PC Gaming.

Planetside 2 makes Destiny look like crap and if you enjoyed MAG well you are gonna love PS2. I feel bad for XB1 owners as they are missing out on a true monster game.

P.S. Don't give up. Yes you all will be killed 100 times before you kill anyone but stay with it.

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BG115791006d ago

It's only the closed beta for Planet side 2.
I'm downloadingvit right now. It might be a mistake, becausevit ain't really closed if anyone can Download it.

chrish19901006d ago

Nope, it should be the actual game

BG115791006d ago

Seriously? Because I'm downloading it without paying anything for it.
Is it a free-to-play?

chrish19901006d ago

Yeah it's a free-to-play game, but there are in-game memberships which cost money.

Vystrel1005d ago

I've played in the closed beta for a few weeks and there is a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. Still fun once you get the hang of it.
Like a massive scale 24 hour battlefield game.

1005d ago
MysticStrummer1005d ago

They just haven't changed the icon for some reason

moomoo3191006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Can anyone give me some insight into how steep of a learning curve there is for this game?

I know its complicated, but how much time must one generally spend learning the ropes before you can actually understand and enjoy whats happening.

Nicaragua1006d ago

From a complexity point of view i would say it is on a par with MAG or one of the Battlefield games. There is a lot to it, but you dont have to learn it all at once.

Don't try to do everything at once. Just start off playing a soldier and get a handle for the mechanics, then maybe move into veichles or some of the more exotic weapons.

camel_toad1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

I played it on pc so theres a chance its undergone some changes on ps4 but be warned that it is extremely un-user-friendly.

When I played in beta and later full release, they basically dropped you in the middle of a base with almost no instruction. Wasnt easy to pick up. In the end I just didnt like it mainly because the gunplay felt slimey and loose or something. Doesnt touch the gunplay of the top dog fps'. Theres a lot to like about it though if you can over that.

Farmassy1005d ago

I experienced exactly this when I played on PS3. I stuck with it for a while because I thought I just needed to get the hang of it. However, after playing for a while I just found the gameplay to be kind of boring. The gunplay is just not up to par.

frostypants1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

@Farmassy, that's the issue I had with MAG. Loved the absolute insane scale of it...nothing like looking at the map and seeing over 200 dots flying everywhere...but the gunplay just felt phoned-in. It was the only PS3 game I ever got rid of in disappointment. Somehow the BF games, despite the much smaller count, felt more epic to me.

reallyNow1005d ago

thats so weird. i LOVED mag because of the gun feel primarily.

ChronoJoe1005d ago

Agreed, loved MAGs gunplay, but I can see why some people wouldn't like it I guess. I liked how everyone had a lot of health as it made the game feel very skill influenced.

Only problem I had with it was that the guns didn't sound very good, not a big deal for me though.


Oh boy, MAG... I miss that game, but even more, I miss its potential, what it could had become. As many other Zipper fans, I wanted it to be a big scale Socom, which obviously it never meant to be, but still, it had so much potential as a big scale shooter, only hindered back by shooting action.

And don't be fooled, Gunplay in MAG was very good, the bullet travel, hit detection and firing models (dmg model, spread model, rof, etc) were all very well done and resulted in mostly balanced gameplay. The problem wasn't in the gunplay itself but in character specs... Basically eveyone had such high health that it felt like one of those old bullet sponge fests kind of multiplayer shooters despite the highly strategic nature of its objective based modes.

If you are into modern fast paced shooters or into tactical slow paced shooter (both which boost fast TTK), you probably felt like it lacked a hardcore mode (I know I did), but everything else was awesome (at least for me it was)... Had things not ended as they did with Sony and Zipper, I'm pretty sure MAG 2 would be running up agaisnt the likes of Battlefield right now.

frostypants1005d ago

@ChronoJoe, I think it was the crazy health meters that I disliked so much. Basically equated to the guns feeling wimpy. I don't think bullet-sponge style play equates to being more skill based. On the contrary, I feel like it allows sloppy players more survivability.

ChronoJoe1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )


It allows more flexibility and survivability, but I don't think it affords that especially to sloppy players. In fact I would argue it enhances better players performance much more, and its the games with low health that are easier to play as almost any bad player can get a kill just by seeing their target before he sees them, irrespective of ability on the controller.

I love games with high health because if you get good, you can feel like a god on the battlefield. On games like Call of Duty, every bad player has a good chance of gunning you down if they catch you at the wrong angle. But on games like MAG, due to the higher health, it's not just target acquisition, but your ability to retain the target that's a factor too.

Personally, I think that's where the truly skill influenced gameplay lies, and on games like MAG it means if I'm a considerably better at the guy shooting at me, even if he shot first I have every chance of being able to outgun him. I love that.

It also makes the games incredibly team orientated because team shooting is more viable. In Call of Duty and other games with low health team shooting does not effect the speed in which the target goes down because the are dead almost immediately after acquisition, on games with higher health there is ample opportunity for assists, and therefore teamwork is very, very dominant. I imagine that's why they chose the health system they did, for MAG.

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Maxor1006d ago

This game is nothing like MAG and Battlefield. The complexity is way beyond those games because there isn't any clear objectives on map telling you what to do.

Nicaragua1006d ago

Firstly the map is covered in objectives, you would have to be blind not see them.

Secondly even if there were no objectives on the map (which there are, see above) that does not make it complex.

"aaaarggh! this game is so complex because I don't know where to go?!?! Such a steep learning curve of not seeing any objectives!"

MysticStrummer1005d ago

I agree that it's a more complex than usual game, and that the tutorial doesn't help much, but it's not as confusing as you make it sound. You can see where the front lines are and you can see places to attack/defend on your HUD. I also recommend any new players check out some YouTube tutorials before jumping in.

amnalehu1005d ago

The PS4 will basically hold your hand while you learn the ins and outs of the game. it's won't throw everything at you at once. You are going to have to level up before it opens up more features and options.

moomoo3191005d ago


Sounds good i enjoyed both of those games , though i liked 64 v 64 demolition on MAG way better than the 256 player mode.


That sounds brutal lol but i think they added some sort of tutorial area for ps4?

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ORyanDeee1006d ago

so for the people who have the beta downloaded, do we just keep using that? or do we need to re-download? because when i go to the PS store it says i already have it even though my copy say 'closed beta'