E3 2015: Cuphead: Come for the Art, Stay for the Challenge | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: "At first glance, everyone seems to be drawn to indie game Cuphead. Its absurdly elegant and charmingly exaggerated animations make it look like a modernized 1930’s cartoon, just even smoother and at times more hostile. When I finally got my hands on the game, I realized all too late that those who came before me did not stop playing this chaotic side-scrolling shooter because they were bored, but because they gave up. Cuphead is hard, even more so since the build of the game I tried was only composed of boss fights. But as such, it demanded my full attention."

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Lucreto1156d ago

Not a big fan of boss rush games but it looks amazing so I will give it a shot.

ValKilmer1156d ago

I thought they said they'd be adding levels?

Dangqi1156d ago

They will be adding levels, but the E3 build just had bosses.

Lucreto1155d ago

No just more bosses, I thought it was a platformer but even the official site says is a boss rush game .