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It’s not a stretch to say that the Need for Speed franchise has seen better days. After the disastrous Need for Speed: Run, EA doubled down on creating a quality Need for Speed by putting Criterion Games in charge, and later Ghost Games. Though Need for Speed: Rivals was a solid entry, Ghost Games and EA opted to skip 2014 to increase development time on 2015's Need for Speed. Here we are one year later, and we might be on the cusp of getting one of the best Need for Speed games in years.

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Activemessiah1242d ago

Not if your internet is poor or unstable

Crimzon1242d ago

Yeah. Besides, the Need for Speed I've been waiting for is a sequel to 2010's Hot Pursuit. That game was incredible and I've no idea how Criterion could follow it up with something as bad as Most Wanted two years later.

It's a shame that Criterion lost their way during the last console generation. Burnout Paradise was an amazing game, following it up with NFS: Hot Pursuit was unexpected but an interesting (and incredibly fun) new direction for the studio. I've no idea what happened after that however because Most Wanted was just bad and then a whole bunch of staff were fired, even more quit, then some joined Ghost Games (who made NFS Rivals and now this 2015 reboot) and it's just bizarre.

Criterion made some of the best racing games and then completely lost it. I can only assume it was trouble with EA and their meddling with studios, since we've seen it happen a few times now.

Retroman1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

i highly doubt this NFS is what we been waiting on since BLACKBOX STUDIO Underground and BLACKBOX STUDIO Hotpursuit 2 EA need to seriously regroup back to drawing board and leave investors out of it. come up with BLACKBOX STUDIO ideals. or go back to EA Canada first ideals .

fuck Criterions ideals . they known for Burnout not NFS .............
i play Underground 1 and Hotpursuit 2 everyday waiting on something close each year nothing come close . more bull she-it .

if Insomniac can reboot original R&C make it more exciting why can't EA reboot original NFS back to it's glory days without always online , autolog, alldrive crap?

moomoo3191241d ago

YES!!! Hot pursuit was a great game.

lawgone1242d ago

Project Gotham Racing - please come back :(

Travis37081242d ago

I hope the cops are agrresive like the one's from hot pursuit.

I can't wait! hopefully it has neon lights and Nitro's

ox_ADRlAN_xo1242d ago

I hate the turning and when the camera angle switches. I hope you can change that but I'm probably going to wait for reviews on this one

ShellB1242d ago

I agree, the camera when turning is a bit too much. If they give us different camera options, well that would be great.

TXIDarkAvenger1242d ago

I thought so at first but Midnight Club did the same thing and it never bothered me. But yeah, the option to toggle it off would be great.

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