Destiny is an Ungrateful Bastard That Steals Your Time and Money

CraveOnline: "I can’t say I particularly enjoy playing Destiny, yet I still continue to do so. This seems to be a recurring theme among Destiny players, in that no matter how fundamentally imbalanced and imperfect the game is, it still keeps a hold of them and forces them to return despite it consisting of roughly 90% anguish and 10% fun."

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TomShoe1150d ago

The price they're asking for TTK is ridiculous. For anyone who doesn't know, the TTK expansion is $40, but you can get the Legendary edition with the base game, the two expansion packs, and TTK for $80. No mentions for people that paid for the base game already. We're getting screwed over, since TTK is so damn expensive and the expansion pass (the 2 DLCs) ***STILL*** cost $35 even though it's been like 6 months. Absolutely stupid and money hungry on Bungie's part. Just way too much to commit.

BlackWolf121150d ago

You must be new to the gaming industry, but for a very long time now we have had things called "Game of the Year" editions, which were basically the vanilla game with all DLC included. They usually get released about a year after the vanilla release, and cost around the same price as the vanilla game.

So in other words, exactly what Destiny is doing. But suddenly it is so wrong, because it's Destiny, and the hate train is almost as big as the hype train was before release.

Also, Bungie have NOTHING to do with setting the price of the content releases, that is what Activision are responsible for.

For $40 you are getting more than half of the content the vanilla game had, can't say that is too much.

Also, it's $40. Who cares. Most gamers buy a $60 every month AT LEAST.

pompombrum1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

"For $40 you are getting more than half of the content the vanilla game had, can't say that is too much"


kayoss1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Well Tom has a point. Lots of people who are money conscious will wait for the game to drop in price to play. However games like destiny which are multiplayer heavy is something you can't really wait for. Let me explain, by the time you buy the game at a discounted price, you're either really behind or your friends no longer play that said multiplayer game. Unlike multiplayer games, single player game don't have this problem. In addition, people who buy the game when it first launch pay the premium price and also pays a premium price for dlc when it's launch. This in my opinion is showing loyalty and support for bungie at the start. But the problem I think Tom is saying is that bungie shows no gratitude to early adopters but seem to reward the late adopters with these goty edition that is very heavily discounted. If you think about it, if there were no early adopters, would this game be as popular? This is just my opinion tho.

pivotplease1150d ago

A game that was already lacking in the content department should at least have reasonably priced DLC. No entitlement here. I just believe in fairness and respect for the customer. This is consistent gouging and I think it's because Destiny continues to do well commercially despite backlash from the core gamers.

HammadTheBeast1150d ago

$40 to have a small chunk of content, which, honestly, should've been included in the game from the start. Destiny is such a joke, and if you look at the bullshit interview the lead designer gave it's even more of a sham.

Ozmoses1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

to clarify your post...

Legendary Edition - $59.99 = Destiny/Expansion I/Expansion II/ The Taken King..

Collectors Edition - $79.99 = Destiny/Expansion I/Expansion II/ The Taken King/All the extra goodies (like the strange coin replica and digital stuff)

If you look at the way the items are packaged together and take into consideration that House of Wolves LITERALLY JUST CAME OUT then you would notice that people who buy these version are basically getting The Taken King for $20...

as opposed to the people that already own everything... they have to pay $40 and only get The Taken King..

but to be clear there are 3 version...

$39.99 - (only) The Taken King (only) - digital download only

$59.99 - they call it "Legendary Edition" but it is basically just a normal regular retail price that includes everything Destiny has to offer.

$79.99 - Collectors Edition - everything you would get if you bought the $59.99 version plus extra goodies that you can't get anywhere else.

the point of the story is this...

The Taken King should only cost $19.99... it's that plain and simple...

to further clarify..

Destiny/Expansion I/Expansion II for $39.99 + The Taken King for $20 = a total retail value of $59.99

yet they package The Taken King DLC as $40 if you buy it solo...

makes no sense.. and is a rip-off

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mochachino1151d ago

What the author describes is something very reminiscent of traits associated with addiction.

Strongly compelling but little to no enjoyment in the long term.

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REDDURT1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

The 40 dollar expansion seems like held content and I am done with it.

Summons751150d ago

content held....after the game was completed and shipped then they started working on it....those evil geniuses, how dare they charge for content they worked on after the game was finished. I certainly hope other games like the WItcher 3 or Bloodborne don't do the same....oh wait. Well, certainly the go to mmo WoW has never added new content after the game was finished....oops.

HammadTheBeast1150d ago

How come the base game was so light on content then?

BlackWolf121150d ago

So because it SEEMS like content held, you don't bother?

What a joke.

I think you SEEM like a moron, so it must be true. So the stupidity in that?

pompombrum1150d ago

You in your other post here just came out and claimed that TKK is going to contain more than half of the content of the original game and you have the audacity to call someone else a moron?

pivotplease1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

There's plenty of evidence supporting cut content including other planets and theres also been countless discoveries of areas that were not accessible until the release of DLC later on. So maybe take your own advice there.

Cra2yey31150d ago

Every "expansion" has been held in content. Its now a slap in the face for $40.

FamilyGuy1150d ago

The Taken King seems more concept than held off content, The Dark Below and House of Wolves on the other hand were literally in the game already and accessible through glitches. The areas existed anyway and the reef was seen so long ago that it basically had to be free and set apart from the expansion buy-in.

The only thing that really makes me think the previous two DLC expansions were NOT already fully fleshed out is the fact that they lacked cut-scenes. The base game has cut-scene throughout the entire storyline yet there's isn't a single one in the dlcs. All we get is a narrator explaining the story to us in real time.

With the Taken King we'll just have to wait and see.

REDDURT1149d ago

You see the slot for the new content since day one.

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Gameseeker_Frampt1150d ago

A level 23 Warlock?! I didn't know that it was possible to be that level 9 months after the game released and still think you are qualified to write articles about the game.

Destiny does have its problems but unfortunately for this "writer" the ones that he brings up have all been addressed. He probably would of known this if he actually played the game.

kbozz711150d ago

Yeah, level 23 is still all blue armor,lol.

mayberry1150d ago

All I kept hearing last gen: "buy the expansion pass, it'll save you so much money in dlc", I saved $30 in dlc with the expansion pass", etc...So I buy my first expansion pass ever for Destiny...break even, then they release dlc even I have to pay for! Words cannot describe how upsetting this news is is for my son when I told him" no way are Activision/Bungie getting more money from me!". $100 for a game, two dlc's and less content than the free-to-play game Warframe! BTW Warframe is great!

ThatOneRiggaNob1150d ago

Warframe is amazing! I feel the same as you man. I enjoyed playing Destiny then it became more of a grueling task than fun. They put the nail in the coffin once I saw that I would have to pay 40 for the taken king dlc which doesn't even include a season pass for the 2nd season of dlc that I'm almost certain is coming. I don't think I'll be returning to this game especially since there is soooo many other games dropping that deserve that 40 dollars way more.

Mikelarry1150d ago

This is exactly how i feel. And with the 40 pounds they are asking for that the price i paid for arkham knight to me money well spent.

Theres just too many games coming out for me to keep waiting for destiny to get better and provide more content

bananaboats1150d ago

Warframe is extremely boring. Tried it for about a week and Damn I couldn't play it any longer

mayberry1150d ago

I actually did the same thing. But my son kept at it ad GD! The game opened up! Too much to list here, but his attack "dog", and attack " flying worm" are boss. His suits sell for REAL MONEY ! And there is so much going on its insane action!

paul-p19881150d ago

I have only just noticed that this game now, effectively, has 2 season passes!! What a joke!! I bought the first season pass because my mates did, and I kind-of enjoyed Destiny at the time. I still play it at least once a week but not as much as I used to (level 32 hunter requires too much grinding to get to 34 lol)

There is NO WAY I am paying for another DLC that cost more than the first season pass, what a ripoff!! How can Activision/Bungie think this is even acceptable?! You buy the season pass, you get all the DLC, that's how these things work. Talk about milking your fanbase...

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