The Division Collector's Edition Will Set You Back $159.99; Pre-Orders Now Live

Pre-orders for The Division's Collector's Edition have gone live.

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PC_60886d ago

The downgrade is so unreal its tragic, here I was hoping for a graphical showcase on PC and now in the new demo the snow isn't even 3D

SniperControl886d ago

This game will flop bigtime, typical ubi game.

chrish1990886d ago

They're stuck in an open-world rut. I dunno about everyone else, but me, I'm growing a little tired of open-world formula - especially Ubisoft's.

Activemessiah886d ago

Really hope it flops... Ubi gonna learn!

Thunder_G0d_Bane886d ago


@Chrish, theres nothing wrong with Open World games, it all depends on who does it. GTA 5, Witcher 3, FallOut & Skyrim show that Open world games can provide true wonders and depth.

But I had called it long ago i mean seriously a Tom Clancy MMO? Who really thought this would be a good idea? Shooting people in the head only to see numbers pop out while they survive doesn't make any sense. It works in Destiny as they are aliens your shooting. But humans cant hold shots like that.

georgenancy886d ago

i found it weird how most of their e3 2015 trailers were cg especially assassins creed,Makes me kinda worried

Yeah they absolutely killed the division's atmosphere.Looked really interesting last year now it just looks like a generic tps

georgenancy886d ago

lol just saw this comment on a youtube the diviion e3 2013-2015 comparison video:

2013: "what we want to do"
2014: "what a PC can do"
2015: "what a PS4 can do"

curtis92886d ago

@georgancy it was XBO footage at E3...

Eyesoftheraven886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

And not even just the amazing graphics -- the gameplay is so generic looking now. It must really suck to be a dev on the game who's already devoted hundreds if not thousands of hours into it only to have their hard work downgraded for whatever probably complicated political and financial reasons.

885d ago
showtimefolks886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

For a game where most journalists even say we don't know much about it, that's a expensive edition. Ubi whatever happened to you, you guys use to be about quality and caring for what gamers wanted

Now it's just about downgrading games, charging for every little dlc pack and release unfinished/broken games

Personally speaking everytime I see the division, I want it even less. Thefe,us no soul to the game, it looks boring, plays boring and that unrealistic game chatter makes it even worst

Ubi should release a video explaining how the game and it's features will work. Like how avalanche did with mad max

And if somehow the division end up being great than I can get the game for 60. So it doesn't set me back

But I seriously doubt the Game will deliver. It's a over rated/over hyped game from ubi. Nothing new

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Relientk77886d ago

It sets me back $0 because I ain't getting it

DarkOcelet886d ago

It looked really underwhelming in the last gameplay demo. I expect another Watch Dogs fiasco with this.

It will never live to the hype and expectations.

SlightlyRetarted886d ago

I had to check your math and it seems to be correct! Carry on.

core_5886d ago

Just 90 EUR in Europe LOL

Relientk77886d ago

Even with the exchange rate, thats still like $58 (USD) less wow

core_5885d ago

it was a mistake by amazon, now also 149 eur ...but who are preordered for 90 eur get it for 90 eur

-Foxtrot886d ago


I'm a big collectors edition fan but after Watch Dogs the best thing to do is to just wait for the Collectors edition to go down in price.

Why they give new IP's big collectors editions like these baffles me.

The WatchDogs collectors edition ended up selling for half it's price in the end.

886d ago
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