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3DS Pedia: Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is quite the coda for Neverland, its original developer that went defunct in 2013 and left the game’s development incomplete until Marvelous finished it. It’s not the kind of sweeping epic we’ll be talking about fifteen years from now, but it’s a charming adventure while it lasts and RPG fans will be inclined to play through it more than once.

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G3n3raL861270d ago

I wanna get it in the future... Charlotte...:3

3DS-Pedia1270d ago

That's one familiar avatar. Miky? XD

G3n3raL861270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Nope, Enoshima Junko from Danganronpa (PSVita).

For your sake, don't search for character pics and stuff, since it's a murder mystery-visual novel series and it's very spoiler-heavy:)

3DS-Pedia1270d ago

I've already played and loved Danganronpa, but your avatar and Danganronpa fan-ness made you almost identical to someone I know of :P

G3n3raL861270d ago

He's already my best friend... And you of course!:D

3DS-Pedia1270d ago

I think I get it. I can't figure out if you're the person I mean or not, still :P Oh well.