E3 2015 – ADR1FT Preview: Serenity in Weightlessness (PSLS)

"Space terrifies me. The idea of a vast emptiness. The lack of heat. The lack of air. The lack of basically anything. The vacuum of space is an infinite terror only held back by atmosphere. Here on the planet, I feel pretty safe. The atmosphere is a massive bubble around me, and something that I can feel pretty confident living in without the fear of the vacuum eating me up. The idea of a space station or shuttle is nerve wracking to me, the small false atmosphere creating a barricade between you and the emptiness. But floating around in a spacesuit, not to mention one that’s leaking oxygen and not tethered in any way? I’m sick just thinking about it." -PSLS

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knifefight1033d ago

Man, just F going into space for real. That, and the ocean. Both are horrifying.