Box art revealed for Keiji Inafune's Xbox One exclusive, ReCore

The box art has been revealed for Keiji Inafune's upcoming Xbox One exclusive, ReCore.

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DevilOgreFish880d ago

surprised to know that this has been in development for 14 months and no gameplay yet. i really can't wait to see this, huge fan of the Metroid prime series.

Relientk77880d ago

It was a cool trailer though. They probably just wanna make it the best they possibly can before they show it

Mr Pumblechook880d ago

The CGI trailer made me think the game still had a long time to go but if Microsoft have the pack shots already does this mean a pre-Christmas release?

Farmassy880d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

I doubt it will be a 2015 release. There is already so much coming out at the end of this year it wouldn't really make sense to release then. Probably a 2016 instead. Maybe we will get a release date along with some gameplay at gamescon

4Sh0w880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

-No, as the article states it's expected next Spring(2016).

"Microsoft Studios is the publisher of ReCore, which is expected to come out next spring season as an exclusive for the Xbox One."

rainslacker880d ago

The trailer at E3 said Spring 2016 at the end.

Mr Pumblechook879d ago

Ok. Thanks all. There was so much news last week. I think I will have to go back and watch the MS & Sony conference again!

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from the beach880d ago

Exactly the same way Sunset Overdrive was unveiled and it worked out okay.

One of the games I'm most excited for out of E3 but the box art isn't really doing it for me..

uptownsoul880d ago

Its not so much the unveil as it is only being in development for 14 months (so far)…and less than 24 months before release. It's been over a decade since a larger budget (AAA) new IP (sequels take less time b/c they're working on an existing template & concept) was released with less than 2 years in development.

Automatic79880d ago

I believe Gamescom will have in gameplay footage. As Phil and Aaron Greenberg said Gamescom will be about 2016 and beyond.

medman880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

HMMM.....this is a strange one...I really don't want to see box art before gameplay.

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Angainor7880d ago

It's funny that we get the official box art of the game first, than any gameplay..

LAWSON72880d ago

Halo 5s box art was revealed a month or so ago way after the beta which is more than showing gameplay

Eonjay880d ago

Yup, its a girl on a journey with her blue balls.

Jimkahn880d ago

thanks for that you made me laugh out loud, while at work, when i shouldn't be on n4g.. and my boss yelled at me

Kribwalker880d ago

Are you sure you weren't yelled at for being a leafs fan??

Jimkahn880d ago

if i hadn't been a leafs fan for many years that might of hurt but i'm use to it.. even in australia i get shit for being a leafs fan :S

christocolus880d ago

Nice. I hope we see some gameplay at Gamescom.

robtion880d ago

Me too. Great concept/art design but do we even know what type of game this is yet? Hopefully 3rd person action/exploration/RPG of some kind.

christocolus880d ago

In one of the interviews Keiji said it's an action/adventure game with a deep story and lots of exploration. He also says there's a bit of metroid, animal crossing, pokemon, monster hunter, zelda etc in the game. To know more about the game you should read this.

and watch this video interview.

ichimaru879d ago

Exploration RPG. With 1 yr of developement underway and another yr before a released we may see a title as polished as the trailer

josephayal880d ago

woaa, Xbox One has lots of strong exclusives

Vasto880d ago

2016 might be even better.

Quantum Break
Gears Of War 4
Sea Of Theives
Forza Horizon 3

Still might get new announcements at Gamescom!

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