Is No Man’s Sky what it says it is, or are we being set up for disappointment? - MMGN

MMGN writes: I listed No Man’s Sky as one of the games I was most intrigued by heading into E3. We’d heard so much about this game and what it hopes to be, but we’ve been teased and lied to with trailers in the past. Scope is important because you can make a game look bigger in a condensed trailer with selective footage. Throw in some buzz terms and suddenly the hype meter goes into overdrive, and you could definitely say that happened to No Man’s Sky after last year’s E3 reveal.

I planned to see it behind closed doors at E3 2015 in the hope of seeing a little more of what developer Hello Games was promising, and I certainly got that. Fortunately, I walked away convinced that No Man’s Sky is exactly what Sony says it is: a big (biiiiiiiig) procedurally-generated universe waiting to be explored.

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Yi-Long1152d ago

I'm basically just expecting a 'zen-game', as in when I want an hour to relax, I want to just jump in my space ship, cruise to some gorgeous planets, and explore them.

That's all I want, that's all I'm expecting from this game, and it seems like it will deliver on that, so I'm looking forward to it.

Agent_00_Revan1151d ago

That's exactly what I see it as being. But I'm afraid many see this as a 'mass effect' explore and shoot bad guys action rpg. Or something along those lines of action oriented. Those are the people that are set for disappointment.

turdburgler10801151d ago

It will probably be one of those games where people just take alot of screen shots of pretty scenery and nothing much happens. How long will it take before everyone says "didn't I see that same rock formation not that long ago?" They can only design so many things that the procedurally generated world can use.

nicksetzer11151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

I think it IS exactly what they say it is, and more actually. The question is, how long will it really be interesting. If it has enough interesting things to do I can see spending a lot of time on this game. I could equally see it being really cool for a few hours then never playing it again.

Either way if it ends up being a $20 title, I will buy it. 5-10 hours of really good and interesting gameplay seem worth it.

If it becomes a $60 title, I think it has a lot more to prove. Still could end up being well worth it. To answer the question, noone knows, just wait til the game is out and we will.

Aenea1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Yup, totally agree with that! Besides I love, love SF and always like it when new planets and their vegetation and animals are described, now I can discover stuff for myself!

NukaCola1151d ago

I just assumed that it was like Nobi Nobi Boy, where the community works toward a common goal of exploration and stats.

Ozmoses1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

but it has nothing to do with community...

it's all being catered as a solo experience... the chances of you coming across another person or even the same planet as one of your friends are very small

it's a solo experience thru and thru.. about exploration and discovery...

there's nothing more to it other than that.. I don't understand how people could confuse this for an action oriented RPG or anything along those line..

the creators have been 1000% clear on what the game is...

NukaCola1151d ago

No you are wrong. They said that the entire community will discover planets. It's a solo game, but you can see where others will discover their own planets.

Ozmoses1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Yes you could see or even visit a planet that someone else possibly discovered...

but the chances of that happening are very very small..

most people will have absolutely no interaction with another living player...

some people might... it is possible... but don't expect to be logging on and sending a party invite to fly around with your friends..

it's not that type of game...

I suggest you watch this video and listen very very carefully...

Eonjay1152d ago

"Scope is important because you can make a game look bigger in a condensed trailer with selective footage. "

No no... if nothing else, the game is big. We really don't have references to help us understand how big. Its probably much larger than every game ever combined (many, many times over) Like trying to explain the size of Earth to an ant.

Either way I'm glad that people are giving such great feedback about this.

_-EDMIX-_1151d ago

Agreed. All I need to know is, you can fly, name, destroy, survive, upgrade and I'm good lol.

I don't normally double dip on PC, but I'm likely getting this twice!

camel_toad1151d ago

It sounds to me based on the devs own descriptions thats it basically the size of our own galaxy. If thats true and you have any idea how big a single galaxy is then that means its damn near infinite as far as game worlds go. I would doubt through the game's entire lifespan that everything could ever come even close to completely charted - if it really is the size of a galaxy.

GoPanthers9991151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Its exclusive to PS4, so you know it's going to be awesome!

PlayableGamez1151d ago

That is a pretty fanboyish way of judging a quality of a game.

krypt19831151d ago

It's not even exclusive, it's a ps4 timed exclusive first to console on ps4 is the exact words anyway could careless about this game, I will still get it just dont think its going to be that extroidinary

Yodagamer1151d ago

(Looks at the order 1886)

Dioxinis1151d ago

It was announced at the PC conference at E3 that its comming to PC the same day as PS4

s45gr321151d ago

How is exclusive to PS4, when I can play it on PC.

GoPanthers9991151d ago

I have 2 Xbox Ones, a 360 and a Wii U. This was a sarcastic comment to see what kind of response it would get. Surprised by all the negativity, guess MS turned the tide at E3. Before, any pro PS4 comment got lots of upvotes.

guyman1151d ago

The jealousy in you is real

MysticStrummer1145d ago

"Surprised by all the negativity"

You said something wrong and got disagrees. No big mystery there. PS4 continues to outsell XB1, so MS turned no tide.

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uth111151d ago

I'm relieved to hear it's gotten some really positive previews at E3. I was worried that they would deliever a game that would get old fast because they focused on procedurally generating a huge universe instead of gameplay.

Agent_00_Revan1151d ago

Only thing I'll potentially be disappointed about is if this game doesn't get Morpheous support.

whitesoxfalife19761151d ago

Tho ima xbox gamer I think that wud nice as hell to play it thru morpheous

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