Walkthrough: The New Xbox One Experience

See the New Xbox One Experience in action as Larry Hryb and Richard Irving guide you through the new features, including a brand new Home, plus Cortana integration, a quick-menu system, a new Community section and much more!

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Septic1246d ago

Man that Cortana feature will be a game changer for me. I seriously can't wait!

Volkama1246d ago

Interesting that in the demo they showed at E3 they ask Cortana for the next available quest in Fable Legends, and she (it?) responds with the name of the next quest in the main story arc. I didn't know Fable Legends had a main story arc. Maybe there is hope for it being a Fable game after all?

KROOM1246d ago

Thanks, Microsoft! (:


LexHazard791246d ago

The lag on that vid was horrible. But new UI looks to be awesome and that Cortana feature is nice!

freshslicepizza1246d ago

it's amazing how when the xbox one came out and how terrible the ui was. things looks to have improved drastically but who gave the ok to release it that way and thought it was good, don mattrick?