Uncharted 4 Trumped The Rise Of The Tomb Raider This E3

Sony's First Party Exclusive, Uncharted 4 wins on multiple counts against Microsoft's timed exclusive, Rise Of Tomb Raider

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Ghost_of_Tsushima881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

I'm sure everyone knew Uncharted 4 would trump Tomb Raider. Naughty Dog is amazing. Possibly the best developer out there.

Eonjay881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

Did you see the breakdown video? The amount of details they point out will break your mind. I'm a part of the camp that thinks ND are aliens.

uptownsoul881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

I just saw the Uncharted 4 E3 '15 demo breakdown video…That was an great breakdown. And I love how Uncharted 4 is going with the open level design to give options on how to get through each level

Mega24881d ago

"I'm a part of the camp that thinks ND are aliens."

Illuminati confirmed? haha, I actually thought the video was CGI up until the shootout.

LatinGamer214881d ago

After seeing that video idk what to say really how but Good God:)

JWiLL552881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

NXG is the best. His calibration video made me realize I was messing up my input delay with some of the post processing effects.

Highly recommend to anyone with an HD display. It goes beyond 'select game mode'

He needs more subscribers.

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catinthehat881d ago

Trumped it, poured gas on it and lit it on fire

Forn881d ago

Next-gen doesn't truly begin until Naughty Dog says so. Incredible.

thejigisup881d ago

Took @andrewlb 20 minutes to write that. Everyone knows uncharted is heavily scripted. Seeing one quick demod section played once it's going to appear linear. But i def agree, the is much to be excited about.

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miyamoto881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

NXG >>>>>>> Eurogamer

Uncharted 4 is >>>>>>> ROTR
ND >>>>>>> Crystal Dynamics + Square Enix

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hulk_bash1987881d ago

They both looked great, but if I were to pick a winner. It would definitely be Uncharted 4 by a longshot. Everything about it looks almost too good to be true. The gameplay looks refined to perfection and my God those graphics.

SniperControl881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

Uncharted 4, stunning game, stunning graphics, untouched by anything this gen.

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Magicite881d ago

I love both games, but this wasn't even a contest.

-Foxtrot881d ago

Uncharted is 4 games in and they've always remained true to the series roots without changing the franchise in general to keep it fresh

Tomb Raider....well look at what they had to do with the reboot. It's not even Tomb Raider anymore

So yeah Uncharted 4 wins over Rise of the Tomb Raider everytime because it's still an Uncharted game

styferion881d ago

Sometimes I still wish TR to be more puzzle & exploration heavy rather than action-oriented like the reboot now.. I still remember stuck on this one puzzle about bell or something, it's before I know google and I have to play it all night before I got past that.

Blacklash93880d ago

"What it should be" isn't really any indication of what game is better, though. What the games actually are is the judge of that.

I wouldn't write off Tomb Raider so quickly. It has plenty of elements that Uncharted doesn't have (unless Uncharted 4 has hubs, ability progression, and optional areas this time around) and anyone who played the reboot should realize that. It still has its own identity.

Raiden881d ago

Yes UC4 looks amazing,BUT are you playing this game this year or later next year, by then you might have played TR, if ND don't delay it further. UC4 has been in development for over 2years, it was being created before the reveal of the PS4, as it was meant to be a launch title. 2yrs on nothing but trailer. TR has not been in development as long. The longer a developer spend on a product production the better the quality you have all round,but for now, TR win this hand down as it has a release date and UC4 does not, I will be playing while UC4 is still in the development, I would have completed TR many times over and UC4 will still be in ND studio development lab. But when its released my expectation better be blown away.

Inzo881d ago

Denial, its a terrible thing isnt it?

G20WLY881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

"2yrs on nothing but trailer" Are you for real?!

We've seen 2 LIVE gameplay demo's on stage at 2 separate shows with varying gameplay mechanics!

Tomb Raider looks great and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but it doesn't have me wishing time would pass in order that I can play it like Uncharted 4 does.

U4 is just leagues ahead in gameplay, graphics, story (going by past games), acting, script and without doubt overall likeability factor - and yet I'm still excited to play TR as well. If that doesn't tell you HOW good U4 is shaping up, nothing will.

DarXyde880d ago


Dude, don't instigate. I could just as easily ask you where your multiplicative Xbox cloud power is.

Fact is, frame rate and resolution will never always be 1080p/60fps because it's a matter of pushing the hardware. Even if PS4 were 1,000 times more powerful, if Uncharted 4 took advantage of the enormous power leap, it would still be 1080p/30fps.

If there was a console as powerful as a PC with Titan cards, an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a game made to push that hardware couldn't hit 60fps either.

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joab777881d ago

It's the difference b/w literally pushing video games forward and releasing another really good adventure game.

Honestly, I don't think I'll have time for Tomb Raider this fall, especially if Persona 5 joins the mix.

Ka7be881d ago

Another article where they overhype that average game called TombRaider. And before people call me PS fanboy. Im a PC gamer i don't own a PS4 yet. But the previews tomb raider was overhyped, had sluggish gameplay and average to boring story.

Most games at E3 Trumped The Rise Of The Tomb Raider!

showtimefolks881d ago

Uncharted may owe s lot to original tomb raider and Indiana Jones, but make no mistake about it

There would be no tomb raider reboot if there was no uncharted. Now tomb raideraider owes a lot to uncharted series

And seriously to haters, this is ND quite possibly the best development studio in Hong. So do keep hating but open your dm eyes to realize that tomb raider is now copying uncharted. And nothing wrong with that, if you are gonna copy I guess copy the best

Uncharted 4 the best on stage demo at e3, after that fallout 4

Horizon the best new ip with a on stage demo at e3


jrshankill881d ago

I don't understand why people say Naughty Dog are the best developers out there. Uncharted and TLOU are great, but do these games really make the company the best developers out there?

People gonna' start defending Crash Bandicoot Warped, Way Of The Warrior and Jak Racing?!

pivotplease881d ago

In many people's opinions they have "become" the best. I loved Crash but its comparatively primitive and I loved Jak but it had its fair share of flaws as well. I actually preferred Spyro and Ratchet from Insomniac over both those sfranchises. Now ND are just so far beyond the other developers with a level of polish and detail that you just don't see anywhere else. Rockstar North gets close but their different breeds because of the genre difference.

Sevir880d ago

Oh lord, being the best is subjective, which is why many have a hard time giving the crown to just ND when other Studios like Rockstar and formerly irrational games put out impressively polished games.

Here's the thing, The level of polish and attention to detail ND has is downright obsessive. And No other development is doing what they do to this degree.

Rise of the Tomb Raider looks fantastic... I can't wait to play it. If I had an xbo I'd be all over it this fall. But I'm content with playing it next year after Uncharted 4.

Naughty Dog has made great games that's built their pedigree to what it is now, and everyone who's stuck with them to this point knows when they do something you get the best most polished game experience this side of gaming. The accolades speak for themselves.

amnalehu880d ago

I think making 3 of the highest rated games EVER kinda says it all.

christian hour880d ago

No doubt this was going to happen, it was the success and overall flawless design and execution of the uncharted series that inspired the tomb raider revival.

Although Tomb Raider came many years before, it always had clunky controls among other things. Everything tomb raider does now it learned form uncharted (and borrowed some things here and there from other games).

Tomb Raiders failing is that it just doesnt do it as well as Uncharted.

I've seen a lot of games try to emulate a lot of the things naughty dog were doing with uncharted last gen (incredibly fluid dynamic/contextual animations being one) and although they've come close they still havent pulled it off as well as ND.

Docknoss880d ago

No it didn't, it's a matter of opinion

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Relientk77881d ago

Not suprised it's Naughty Dog afterall

BitbyDeath881d ago

Naughty Dog gonna Naughty Dog

Haru881d ago

Uncharted 4 looks miles better than ROTR

deadpoolio316881d ago

Kinda weird how originally people cried that Uncharted was ripping off Tomb Raider, yet with the reboot, Tomb Raider ended up taking A LOT of what Uncharted does into their own game...

die_fiend881d ago

Well it's not weird, it's true, uncharted was like a next gen tomb raider.

But Naughty Dog are just superior developers so everyone is now trying to catch up by copying. There's no way Tomb Raider would get close to this in terms of quality!

-Foxtrot881d ago

At the same time though deep down Uncharted was nothing like the old Tomb Raider games

sammarshall102881d ago

I'm much more into Rise of the Tomb Raider it looked more interesting to me

shysun881d ago

Lol have you ever played an Uncharted game?

Letthewookiewin881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

I love where Tomb Raider has gone and is going, I've seen the extended gameplay, it's fantastic but no where Uncharted.

Edit :I will be playing TR this "holiday" regardless of my feelings towards UC.

nucky64881d ago

I don't - I'd rather a game called TOMB RAIDER actually did what the original game did - raid tombs. now, it seems like a third-person action shooter.

BitbyDeath881d ago

Don't like that TR dropped the dinosaurs.
They were one of the best things about the series.

Automatic79881d ago

I agree TombRaider is going to be awesome and as an owner of both systems Xbox One being my primary system I will enjoy TombRaider this year and Uncharted next year.

xxLuckyStrike880d ago

PS1 TR it was the room puzzles i loved. And that effin t-rex!!! Anyone remember thatt beast

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Inzo881d ago

That is your opinion to have and rightly so. For me however its Uncharted all the way, no contest.

daBUSHwhaka881d ago

Both games I'm sure will not disappoint.Uncharted 4 does look on a different level to everything show at E3.And while I wait for that I'm sure I will be loving Tomb Raider.Win Win.

robtion881d ago

Yep. These guys should get together and make a cross over. Would be so cool.