Uncharted 4 Trumped The Rise Of The Tomb Raider This E3

Sony's First Party Exclusive, Uncharted 4 wins on multiple counts against Microsoft's timed exclusive, Rise Of Tomb Raider

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Relientk771242d ago

Not suprised it's Naughty Dog afterall

BitbyDeath1242d ago

Naughty Dog gonna Naughty Dog

Haru1242d ago

Uncharted 4 looks miles better than ROTR

deadpoolio3161242d ago

Kinda weird how originally people cried that Uncharted was ripping off Tomb Raider, yet with the reboot, Tomb Raider ended up taking A LOT of what Uncharted does into their own game...

die_fiend1242d ago

Well it's not weird, it's true, uncharted was like a next gen tomb raider.

But Naughty Dog are just superior developers so everyone is now trying to catch up by copying. There's no way Tomb Raider would get close to this in terms of quality!

-Foxtrot1242d ago

At the same time though deep down Uncharted was nothing like the old Tomb Raider games

sammarshall1021242d ago

I'm much more into Rise of the Tomb Raider it looked more interesting to me

shysun1242d ago

Lol have you ever played an Uncharted game?

Letthewookiewin1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

I love where Tomb Raider has gone and is going, I've seen the extended gameplay, it's fantastic but no where Uncharted.

Edit :I will be playing TR this "holiday" regardless of my feelings towards UC.

nucky641242d ago

I don't - I'd rather a game called TOMB RAIDER actually did what the original game did - raid tombs. now, it seems like a third-person action shooter.

BitbyDeath1242d ago

Don't like that TR dropped the dinosaurs.
They were one of the best things about the series.

Automatic791242d ago

I agree TombRaider is going to be awesome and as an owner of both systems Xbox One being my primary system I will enjoy TombRaider this year and Uncharted next year.

xxLuckyStrike1242d ago

PS1 TR it was the room puzzles i loved. And that effin t-rex!!! Anyone remember thatt beast

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Inzo1242d ago

That is your opinion to have and rightly so. For me however its Uncharted all the way, no contest.

daBUSHwhaka1242d ago

Both games I'm sure will not disappoint.Uncharted 4 does look on a different level to everything show at E3.And while I wait for that I'm sure I will be loving Tomb Raider.Win Win.

robtion1242d ago

Yep. These guys should get together and make a cross over. Would be so cool.