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Brotard1248d ago

11,000,000 good luck. You will need it! What about the cash from PC 1 where did that go?

Snakester951248d ago

People are already angry that they're not spending more time polishing the first one. If they expect to get that much money from the fans, that's going to be hard. Unless they have investors going through that campaign or something.

MSBAUSTX1248d ago

What about the Wii U version whos supporters funded a huge portion of the orriginal game? Fu** this developer. I would rather play Assissins Creed Unity than Project Cars and they will never see the light of day for Project Cars 2. These jackasses can rot in hell. Not to mention the games looks like crap compared to driveclub and Forza.

TomShoe1247d ago

$11 Million? Where did the money for the first one go?

Better yet, why announce the 2nd one so early? Why not just make some DLC cars?

turdburgler10801247d ago

Why aren't the developers funding it themselves with the money they made off of the first game? This just looks like they want a handout. Isn't the goal of kickstarter to help folks who don't have the capital in the first place not help those that already do? With all the complaints folks have about this game I have to say poo poo to you good sirs.

Army_of_Darkness1247d ago

I really, really hope that they don't reach anywhere near their goal of 11 million.. That's just [email protected]*king greedy and taking advantage of their fans.... Shame...

sinjonezp1247d ago

I am sorry I think slightly mad studious must think people are just, "mad" because this is just crazy. The first game just recently been released, the first game on pc is still filled with bugs and you announced a second game?? Not only that, you retail release the game, offer DLC practice and you won't use the revenue you made to fund your second iteration ? I'm sorry they are slightly mad over there and anyone who support this just needs to go dig a hole while I get another beer.

mcstorm1247d ago

Wow this is not good. The Xbox one version is still broken. You can blame hardware all you want but im not having that as Forza 6 is 60fps 1080p with weather yet Project Cars struggles being a port. Fine I get its harder to port to the Xbox one but its no excuse for the game being unplayable at times.

There have been too many games like this so far this new gen. Drive club and Halo MCC of the 1st party but what they have done by fixing them and also giving extra to the fans has kind of helped with this but 3rd party are just starting to take it too far now.

Fix Project Cars 1st then say we are making a 2nd not release it broken then say thanks for all the cash we will now start the 2nd game. I am part hoping the 2nd game flops because of this and I never want a game to flop.

frostypants1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

@mcstorm, Forza may be 60fps/1080p, but does it have the same texture quality and effects as Project Cars? Honest question...I don't know. Just saying there's more to graphics than resolution and FPS. Anyways, I had a bad feeling about PC from the start. There was no way it was going to match the hype.

XanderZane1247d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I didn't even buy the first game yet and will wait for the price to drop. No plans on funding the 2nd game. They better hope some investors come around and start funding it. Just by the initial start of this fund raiser you can tell they will have a hard time raising the funds they need.

nX1247d ago

Project CARS wasn't even such a great game, this has to be a joke from the developers.
I ran into two unbelieveable glitches during my 3 hours with the game, they should fix their game before demanding 11mio additional bucks.

ChronoJoe1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I don't know but I guess I'll play devils advocate here. It's not like they scam their fans with this, everyone gets what they pay for. It's not like they're asking for charity. They have to deliver on this investment.

Until they start abusing the fans by shipping poor quality products. I don't really see it as a problem. The studio have always advertised their new development system as 'community assisted and funded' so, there games and studio exists on this kind of funding.

I think people forget that kickstarter isn't a charity system. They are unlikely to have an excess of cash from their previous game because they are a very large studio and the money they raised with kickstarter goes into shipping that game to consumers.

For what it's worth, Project Cars 2 seems very ambitious, and frankly, at present no one is delivering anything close to the experience project cars is offering. Project Cars has vastly better physics simulation than Forza, and even Gran Turismo (more so the former than the latter), yet unlike other similar physics focused rating simulators like R-Factor and iRacing, PCars offers vastly more content out of the box.

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Dee_911248d ago

How so? developers usually start on next iteration almost immediately after they finish their current project.. We prob won't see PCars 2 for another 2 or 3 years.Technically they started on Pcars 2 during Pcars 1 development..

That said, this is total BS. They should have enough to fund their own game considering how well PCars 1 did, or even if they don't have enough I'm sure there are publishers out there wanting to back them.This "pay to tell us what you want in the game" thing should not be a normal trend.
Well i'm sure they will receive some funds, but I doubt they reach that goal any time soon.

garos821248d ago

cause the game only came out less than 2 months ago. Fans are still asking for some fixes with the core game.

I don't mind them developing and starting the project for Project Cars 2 but the announcement is way too soon

Dee_911248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

That doesn't really explain why you think it's too soon, you basically said it's too soon because it's too soon lol but I get it..
I understand that the first game still need fixes, but it doesn't make sense for the entire team to just halt production and work on updates.Its like when people tell SMS to focus on physics instead of making cars, when in reality its completely different people working on physics and the cars, so working on one doesn't hinder the other.People need to educate themselves on video game development... Before getting upset at least..

AndrewLB1248d ago

They wont get another dime from me.

I backed Project Cars very early in development when it was a PC racing simulator... and it should have stayed that way. Instead, they took the money from PC gamers to create the game and then port it to console platforms who didn't pay a damn thing for it's development. Not to mention the fact that this porting to other platforms resulted in the finished PC version being poorly optimized and buggy.

This is exactly why Chris Roberts said Star Citizen will never see a console version.

frostypants1247d ago

Developers are perfectly capable of making buggy PC games without needing to blame it on console ports.

hesido1247d ago

Console players bought P.Cars in droves. First week sales had 6% PC only (the percentage could be higher now but I don't think it would even be 25%) Since PC version is supposed to be the best version, I don't think not having a console version would increase sales as to compensate for the lack of console sales, those who had PC's that's more powerful than consoles would surely choose the PC version)

I'm not keen on this kickstarter though.

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solid_snake36561248d ago

I hope they don't reach their goal, I really don't want this to become a trend. Microtransactions are bad enough as it is, soon they'll make us fund the game then pay $60 for it, and then they'll kill us with Microtransactions.

fei-hung1248d ago

With Forza6 around the corner with more cars and features I can't see this KS being successful, especially after burning the WiiU owners.

SMS need to show what they did with the PC1 money. All those console sales of PC must have banked them some cash.

SoapShoes1248d ago

Plus Asseto Corsa. I'm sticking with that and the inevitable GT7. I didn't really like PCars much but I'm still giving it a chance.

3-4-51247d ago

* What a joke of a dev group.

Orbilator1247d ago

No chance what do ever. Money grabbing so and so's

BinaryMind1247d ago

Slightly Mad Studios? More like Fully Mad Studios amirite?

Ol_G1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

so after the first game that didn't come out on wii u with a mountain of excuses after fans supported this game you dare to ask money for the second while still banking on the first game wth!!
this just looks like the developer wants to create a game but only want to reap profits with no investment whatsoever

Slightly Mad ?? They must mean Mad crazy

UKmilitia1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

what was the sales of number 1?
and where is the money from it?

what a way to quickly damage your rep.

make a game,make profit
ask for money to make a 2nd game and keep the money from the 1st?

UnHoly_One1247d ago

Welcome to the world of Crowd Funded game design.

This needs to fail horribly before it becomes commonplace.

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Activemessiah1248d ago

you're havin' a giraffe mate.

bunt-custardly1248d ago

Shenmue 3 wanted and adored by many.

PCars 2 - announced just after the first game launched -

You're avin a tin bath mate.

KwietStorm1248d ago

I want to be a part of this, but alas, 'merica.

Haru1248d ago

LOL really? can't they use all the money the made from selling project cars and invest in the new one? from what I've hard Project cars sold over 1 million copies already so I'm sure they have enough money to make a second game, or are they planing on keeping all the money for themselves and use people's money to make a new one then take the money and ask people for money again and so on? sounds like good buisness lmfao only profit no risk of losing since they using people's money to build games

Snakester951248d ago

I haven't looked into the numbers on the first, but that was what I was thinking as well honestly. I mean, if they can get the money from crowdfunding, sure, that works. But after having made a game that people wanted, I'd imagine they don't need to crowdfund another. Especially one asking for almost four times as much as the original.

343_Guilty_Spark1248d ago

Crowd funding is out of control. They are basically saying we don't want to spend our own cash on development.

tuglu_pati1248d ago

Agree. I just don't like this business trend, so we fund the project and on top of that we paid for the final product... Huh...

Qrphe1248d ago

It's not out of control. They're not taking money at gunpoint and you shouldn't pay a dime if you don't want to.

1247d ago
tuglu_pati1247d ago


no, you are the one saying that. I said exactly what i said in my post.