Phil Spencer Should Be Applauded For The Changes At Xbox

Richard Drummond of gaming Tech United writes:

"Cleaning up after someone else’s mess is never a fun, or good thing. That’s exactly what happened when Phil Spencer took over for Don Mattrick as the Head of Xbox. Microsoft’s console had a lot of fixing to do in terms of public opinion and Spencer and the team there showed this E3 that they’ve finally done it. Which brings me to my point; Phil Spencer should be applauded for the changes at Xbox."

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NinjaRichParty944d ago

Haha I won't lie, that got a good laugh outta me. Bubble added! XD

AngelicIceDiamond944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

I agree but I think Phil made most of those changes last year. I think this year was more of paving the future of Xbox.

WIN10 OS/New Dash UI, PC/Xbox exclusive indies/crossplay. First console to support mods first on Fallout 4 and BC.

And a renewed focus on AAA entertainment. Halo 5, Forza 6 and Fable Legends. This is the first time a long time since MS flagshipped titles are releasing in the same year during similar time periods.

I don't see NOTHING wrong with that as long as I know MS is investing in new Ip's as well. That was my only problem back then on 360 it was the SAME games EVERY time and we knew weren't getting anything else and you KNEW that.

With a balance between new and old franchises is PERFECT.

I applaud Phil's refocus on X1 and paving the way for X1 for what looks to be a bright future.

tinynuggins944d ago

Can you imagine the next xbox under this guys reign? ohhhwee! :)

xHeavYx944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

The "changes" he "made" were mostly listening to fans outrage. A 10 yo with little common sense would have made those changes too.

freshslicepizza944d ago


"The "changes" he "made" were mostly listening to fans outrage. A 10 yo with little common sense would have made those changes too."

and that's not a good thing? compare what microsoft did to turn it around to nintendo and the wii u. give credit where credit is due.

Pogmathoin944d ago

After world domination with PS2 to near ruin with PS3, a 5 yr old would have done everything including sucking up to developers, pampering to fans and just about anything else to survive..... You see Heavy, this can work both ways.... Wherever there is positive X1 news, there is a shadow of gloom ready to comment.

Kingthrash360944d ago

Phil had done a great job in show new focus ....but imo he hasn't done much...I just bought a Xbox literally it's in mail will arrive tomorrow....thing is bestbuy is having a sale that you can pick any game free...right...ok. I'm trading my in mail Xbox in for that one...I got it from best buy online...but this promo came and they said I can get that deal I just gotta switch it out...long story, long I have to pick what game I want...and while I'm looking im noticing that there is nothing new....just nothing. Every game I can go to gamestop or bestbuy and get it used for cheaper...this year has been a Barron year for Xbox fans...I can tell because there literally is no big games other than multiplat games....which I'll buy for my question is...what did Phil actually do...gaming wise....what games has he brought??? Yeah he stopped the whole kinect thing and all but....honestly do I have to wait until November to play a new exclusive AAA game? I guess I'll just get sunset overdrive as my new game but I can buy it for 29.99....smh I feel like I lost 20.00 bucks. Because nothing is out that Is worth 59.99 because they are 2014 titles....smh

xHeavYx944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Near ruin with the PS3? That's dumb considering that the PS3 outsold the 360 globally since launch.
Wishful thinking much?

jrshankill944d ago

I wouldn't worry about xHeavYx, been a passive agressive Sony Fanboy for quite some time with a remarkable amoount of bubbles. Been called on on his shit numerous times.

Pogmathoin944d ago

Sony assumed PS3 would sell more than PS2 at least, they put the mortgage on it... it may have sold more, a little bit more than 360, but thats still considered a huge failure for them. With PS 1 and 2, they were a total success.... with PS3, they did an MS and assumed everything..... not wishful thinking, even Sony said with PS4 announcement, they went back and listened... went back to roots, and I commend them for that.... Spencer is trying the same thing with MS, but you all have an arrogant, obnoxious attitude to it.

Mr Lahey944d ago


"Sony assumed PS3 would sell more than PS2 at least,"

You just assuming that or?

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christocolus944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Lol. Nice one. This E3 conference helped a couple of my friends make the decision to get an Xbox One. Phil has been quite clear. His message since he became head of Xbox has been very straightforward.

Check out this interview Phil had with a couple of xbox fans at E3. really cool guy.

NinjaRichParty944d ago

If I had the funds, I would too. Right now I own a PS4 and after seeing this year's E3 from MS and hearing Phil talk other places, I wanted to write this piece. He's what Xbox needed after Mattrick.

Septic944d ago

Nice link. Right at the end is the main point. If you put a game guy in charge, you'll see the difference. You'd be hard pressed to rip into the Xbox One console now unless you're a complete fanboy. It really is doing well with the gamers so far and the future looks truly interesting for the platform

christocolus944d ago (Edited 944d ago )


I own both consoles cos i don't want to miss out on any great exclusives, just keep saving up man i'm sure you'll be able to get one at some point.There should be crazy promos and bundles towards the holidays so you could start working towards that, many of friends are doing same.


"If you put a game guy in charge"

Yup. was nice to hear him say that again. Gamescom will be awesome. I hope we get more surprise announcements like Recore and Sea of Thieves at their conference.

Gority944d ago

I think Phil's best move is bringing other franchises like ReCore, Sunset Overdrive, and Sea of Thieves to the X1.

For me, Xbox's greatest weakness has always been diversity to me. It was always the shooter and driving game box and those two genres are far from my favorite.

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OCEANGROWNKUSH944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Putting Spencer in charge of the xbox division was a great move, my question for this article is who is saying otherwise?

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Christopher944d ago

While it's great to place all this change at one man's feet, the reality of it is that it's a company-wide change that evolved from a decision to change their outlook since the 2013 E3 disaster of a conference.

Phil is great, but even better was the policy that went into effect and led to his role with the company. Good to see a company change as a whole rather than just one man dictating change.

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Maltaze944d ago

I agree completely. Taking a shitstorm and making it a viable platform isnt a day's work to be honest.

annoyedgamer944d ago

I agree, he completely turned the brand around. All I need to see investment in a diverse lineup of games and all is golden.

Also please give us backwards compatible multiplayer on dedicated servers. MW2 on dedicated servers would be absolutely amazing.

NinjaRichParty944d ago

To be honest, I don't even own an Xbox One. I own a PS4 and the work that I've seen Phil do is just awesome. I love the guy. He and the team there understands their consumer and they're doing their best to provide them with something they can enjoy.

Pogmathoin944d ago

Rdr, if you have a 360, you get trade in deals.... Good time to jump in.

JJShredder944d ago

Letting go of Black Ops 3 timed DLC was great and the fact they didn't rely on timed exclusive content like someone else to pad their show was re-assuring to anyone who owns an Xbox One. (And yes, I am well aware of Tomb sucks that Sony fans cannot play it)

The only question is can they keep it up? Microsoft always has been a little spastic with decision-making....

In the end, Sony needs the competition otherwise they will repeat the same mistakes that themselves and MS have had following success.

And yes, Spencer really should be applauded as it's quite possible Xbox could of been gone by now under Mattrick.