The RAREvival has Begun – Diving Into Sea of Thieves

"Microsoft had a fantastic E3 2015 showing, and among the Halo’s, Gears of War’s and Fable’s of their Press Conference were some new faces. Two stuck out in particular, caused ripples in the industry and captured hearts and imaginations everywhere. You’ve already had a chance to look at our piece on ReCore, but now I cast my attention to Rare and their grand return. They’re gifting us a wonderful collection of their past works in the next two months, but the company again begins a new voyage – and they may be on to something with ‘Sea of Thieves’." - Paul James of BGU

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christocolus1038d ago

Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I was surprised by this and Recore at MS conference.This game looks really good and i'm glad Gregg Mayles is behind it. Rare is back.

urwifeminder1038d ago

Was my fave new IP from the conference certainly looks a laugh.