Xbox One System Software Gets New Update in Preview, Brings Fixes for Game Streaming

Over the weekend, the Xbox One got a new system software update for preview members, numbered xb_rel_1507.150615-2200.

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Dramacydal1268d ago

Game streaming is ridiculously dope. HDMI out on the laptop and I've got myself an Xbox One Extender for the bedroom :)

TheBrit1268d ago

yeah I have to admit I was playing halo mcc upstairs and it was absolutely flawless, very very cool.

Backwards compatibility works great too.

Bk2Xxclusive1268d ago

Hey. Is there any lag when u stream on windows 10?

TheBrit1268d ago

@BK2X.... on Halo it was flawless for me but then again I have a wired 1 gigabit network in place.

On grand theft auto it was laggy until I turned down the graphics setting then it seemed ok.

They just release a new update this weekend for streaming and I have not had a chance to try it since.

ELE_Victim1268d ago

How do you turn down graphic settings on the X1 version of GTA5?

Dramacydal1268d ago

I had a terrible time streaming pre-patch, but can now play MKX online it's so smooth. A hiccup here or there, but for a work in progress it's fantastic.

BC is just as impressive.

TheBrit1267d ago

You don't turn down the graphical settings on the XB1 ELE_Victim, you turn it down on the windows 10 preview machine that your using to connect to your Xbox one with. you have low medium and high settings when it comes to streaming.

Spudinator2171268d ago

Can they update my console and fix it, it died today R.I.P xbox one, til we meet again...

Spudinator2171267d ago

Its been suffering for months, the fan has been making real loud noises like it puts a big blast out of it, starting freezing and getting slower, then got a black screen on start up, I managed to fix that with the manual updates a few times, now its just stuck on the green screen and wont accept the manual updates on the USB, I now have a £400 brick, Microsoft says jt will be £100 to send of for repair not including parts and they may just replace it with a new one costing £300.