Check out This Breathtaking Minecraft Pixel Art World Record Made with over 1M Blocks

Using 1,128,960 blocks, placed by hand, Thorlar created this Deathwing/Kerrigan/Diablo masterpiece.

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idlet1247d ago

I once made a pixel art evil pikachu. It feels inferior now

GigawattConduit1247d ago

all minecraft artists now give up their dreams in shame

idlet1247d ago

"Check out this pixel art, if you can see it over the tears of the world's artists"

GigawattConduit1247d ago

Breaking: every artist decides they're inferior after seeing minecraft art, go back to working at IKEA

Brotard1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I watched this guys stream once like a year or two ago and he was doing this incredible warrior art thing, anyway i had just gotten in the room, and asked "why are you doing it like that" cause i was curious and he said quit questioning me or something and perm banned me.

@giggawatt I DO WHAT I WANT SHUT UP!

nX1246d ago

Even in this short video he annoyed me, probably a frustrated virgin obsessed with Minecraft and his two cats.

GigawattConduit1247d ago

When that's what you make with all your free time, more than acceptable IMO

Metallox1247d ago

Well, if I saw correctly, he receives donations for this kind of stuff, so he isn't doing it in vain.

Orbilator1247d ago

He sure does but its still awesome lol

wannabe gamer1247d ago

23.5 weeks..... lol i dont care if i got paid to do it, its still utterly mundane task.

SilverClock1247d ago

You know we make fun of him because he has too much free time but he has gotten more recognition than most ever will get for something they did in a game.
I still wouldn't have done it though, but I guess that's why this is a world record.

wannabe gamer1246d ago

its not the type of recognition that matters for more than 5 minutes tho. its not like someone is going to say in 25 years hey remember that legendary minecraft picture that guy made.....

SilverClock1246d ago

He set a world record. Not many people can say that. That's just fact.

wannabe gamer1244d ago

a record that not many people will remember or even care for.

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