Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3 Release Dates Revealed

The episodic series gets its third installment starting soon

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Digital_Anomaly1187d ago

This one is taking far too long in between episodes! I'm almost tempted to wait it all out to the final episode before I dive back in.

MzDino1187d ago

It's just like Life is Strange! More than 2 months between episodes is too painful to bear!!!

Summons751187d ago

This and Game of Thrones and Life is Strange, I'm waiting. It's not worth it to wait for a game that you pay for to get finished. Is it so hard to sit down, make the game to completion, then release it? This episodic stuff was cute for a little bit but now it's old and lost it's charm. I'd rather pay for the full game instead of a faction of it.

lemoncake1187d ago

Seems to be taking ages to get these episodes out, I am waiting for the whole season before playing.

FallenAngel19841187d ago

How is Wii U not getting any Telltale games when Wii got plenty of them

generalwinter1187d ago

PlayStation gets it first!

MercilessDMercer1187d ago

I'm gonna wait till it's all said and done and 'binge' play it!

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