Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3 Release Dates Revealed

The episodic series gets its third installment starting soon

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Digital_Anomaly939d ago

This one is taking far too long in between episodes! I'm almost tempted to wait it all out to the final episode before I dive back in.

MzDino939d ago

It's just like Life is Strange! More than 2 months between episodes is too painful to bear!!!

Summons75939d ago

This and Game of Thrones and Life is Strange, I'm waiting. It's not worth it to wait for a game that you pay for to get finished. Is it so hard to sit down, make the game to completion, then release it? This episodic stuff was cute for a little bit but now it's old and lost it's charm. I'd rather pay for the full game instead of a faction of it.

lemoncake939d ago

Seems to be taking ages to get these episodes out, I am waiting for the whole season before playing.

FallenAngel1984939d ago

How is Wii U not getting any Telltale games when Wii got plenty of them

MercilessDMercer939d ago

I'm gonna wait till it's all said and done and 'binge' play it!

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