PS4 Excusive The Last Guardian Gets a Lot of New Concept Artwork and Images

During E3 2015 you learned of genDESIGN, the studio that includes Fumito Ueda and quite a few Team ICO developers and that has been hard at work on making The Last Guardian a reality.

The studio released several pieces of concept artwork and images of the game, plus a little additional bonus.

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TWB1273d ago


I though it was said somewhere that Team Ico was already working on a new project? Are GenDesign (former Team Ico) working on that game or was it left for the Japan Studio at Sonys?

bouzebbal1273d ago

Ico and SoTC were games of a generation for me. They blew my mind and TLG seems to follow the trend!
I need this game, NOW!

catinthehat1273d ago

TLG is probably the best game ever made

chrisx1273d ago

real nice. loved the e3 video waiting to play this

Kal-V31273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Looking very good..

Jag-T10001273d ago

Sony is like " man, we told everybody this game is in production now. Its only 30% complete. What have we gotten into? "

Unarmed_Civilian1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

And Jag-T1000 is like "man, what should i do with my brain power, im at 100% level. I know ,i will use it to troll on N4G site."

scark921273d ago

This game is gonna make me cry smh :(

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The story is too old to be commented.