E3: Are No Man's Sky and Dreams Games or Concepts?

Power Up Gaming's Scott Russell picks apart the question marks left behind by Sony's E3 2015 press conference.

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Owenza1271d ago

We seem to be seeing a lot more of these blank canvas kind of games, where they just drop you into a world and expect you to make the fun yourself. I blame Minecraft. :P

bouzebbal1271d ago

i remember first time i saw Vib Ribbon in a magazine back in time, i couldnt understand what that thing was about but ended up being a very entertaining concept that i played for hours!
Recently the same happened with Littlebigplanet. That game was so immense that again i couldn't see what it was really about. LBP ended up being one of my all time favorite series.

NMS is unique, no doubt about that. Dreams seems to be another crazy creation from Mm. It seems to me that it's a way more advanced tool than LBP was. Can't wait to hear more about it.

3-4-51271d ago

* There are plenty of games like No Man's sky with less to do that get praised so just back off a little with this article.

A bit to negative about a game we don't know enough about yet and isn't out yet.

* This media /journalist follower group hate mentality needs to stop.

It's ruining everything for everyone...inside game and in other areas as well.

We haven't even all played the game yet, or many other games that we don't know about, and yet people are just way too negative.

* It's a " Rotation Game", in that you keep it active as one of your 2-4 games your playing and every day or few days just wander around and explore and learn things and upgrade and trade.

It's a long slow burn type of game, that rewards just relaxing and enjoying whatever it is there is to do.

* Too many people are trying to turn it into something it's never going to be.

DigitalRaptor1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Serious question?

No Man's Sky is both a concept AND a game. Those things are not mutually exclusive. We already know what you'll be doing since Sean Murray listed what you can do in the game LIVE on the stage a few days ago, and we've had numerous threads explaining it to people who are too lazy to work it out themselves or too ignorant or disinterested to care. We've seen enough gameplay to know that what you do is the make-up of plenty of games already out there. Yes... those things are games. Except NMS doesn't hold your hand and it doesn't guide you... it asks you to go out there and explore - that is pretty damn obvious.

DREAMS is a creation tool, in which you can create GAMES that flow together in dreamlike fashion, or you can create whatever else you desire - art pieces, films etc. That is their concept for the game. However, Sony are not going to market it as a "creation tool" because that kind of speak attract the wrong types and the cynical idiots, who think it's somehow detrimental to the Sony console or god forbid... the industry to have something outside of the box. If E3 left questions, then they've already told you that the Paris Game Show in October will provide many answers for you. Every new Media Molecule game SHOULD be demanding these questions from you - that is what makes their games so interesting.

Why are so many people so confused by games that don't guide you, or hold your hand, after all these years? Aren't we all seasoned, discerning gamers that can work it out for ourselves? Next up..... is The Last Guardian a game or a concept....? What do you actually do...? What's the point...? SMH!

SniperControl1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

To it in to some sort of perspective, i believe No Man's Sky is very similar to Elite: Dangerous, Elite does not have a central plot line, you can either be a trader, pirate or just blow stuff up for no reason.

Also check this other story out for more info on the game.

FlexLuger1271d ago


I agree about NMS. From what I have seen it very much reminds me of elite and star citizen, but with more of an art style and less story, functionality. Its almost like a 'lite' version of those games. A console friendly space exploration game.

Dreams? Oh thats a conceptual thing, alright. Will it make for a good game though? hard to say. Its what you make of it, I guess. looked lush though, but I dont think its for me. I dont have the patience to make a game in a game. And I dont particularly care to watch other peoples creations. I play games. not CG art pieces.

freshslicepizza1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

the last guardian likely has a progression where you will eventually finish the game.

that's the thing what is a actual game? is tetris a game? i think as long as there is a challenge involved and you are controlling it then it's a game. dreams to me is not what i would classify as game but more of a creation tool. personally i am no longer a fan of these. i want to buy something i can get in and play. not spend hours creating things. it's great when you are younger when you have all of this free time and like to draw and paint but to pay $60 for an open canvas with creative tools? no thanks.

no mans sky is being praised for it's huge universe but how fun is it? that's the key thing for me. yes they are adding things to do but at the end of the day it comes back to being challenged for me. i want a progression to feel like i am actually doing something and trying to beat the game. that is satisfying to me. i don't know enough yet on no mans sky.

Summons751271d ago

Seem to be more like concepts when you have one game that won't tell my why I'm suppose to wander the universe and there are no missions to justify the gameplay and the other game who's dev can't explain basic gameplay.

DanteVFenris6661271d ago

Did minecraft have missions justifying the gameplay? No and it made billions

Summons751271d ago

Yeah, its called don't get murdered, survive. Oh your tools aren't good enough to make the best stuff....better get on that.

No man's sky, go to the center of the universe...but there isn't anything making me get better so tir the stick down and take a nap, instant win

DanteVFenris6661271d ago

okay there is tons of articles on no mans sky on the gameplay, go read them. Because there's as much to do in it as a game like minecraft if not more

Omnisonne1271d ago

Well, some people like to create all the things you just mentioned themselves. A motive, objectives etc. Its called sandbox.

Though the feel to explore and discover should be a big motivation in NMS. For Dreams that would be to imagine, create (and share) much like creating a real art piece

These games obviously aren't for everyone. They are new concepts and there will be many who simply aren't interested. On the other hand there will be many who welcome ideas like these

iceman061271d ago

Think of it like this. They are concepts that drive the gameplay. Millions of people played GTA V online for countless hours...not doing those tired missions, but creating their own fun within the sandbox that was created for them. Just Cause 2 became WAY more about the sandbox than the plot. The Sims has goals and objectives. But, most people have more fun doing role playing or creating wacky scenarios than actually following the given path. The more traditional Hitman games (Absolution aside) gave you a goal of killing someone. But, they didn't hold your hand as to HOW you would do it. It was the mechanics more so than the objective that created the fun.
Just because they haven't TOLD you why you are supposed to "wander the universe" in NMS doesn't exclude the fact that there just may be a reason. Sean Murray has been notorious for explaining over and over that he wants players to choose HOW they play and WHAT they want to do to reach the center of his universe. As for Dreams, MM stated on the stage that they WANTED you to be intrigued and spur your imagination about the possibilities of the game. I'm quite sure there will be more info that ties what we saw to actual game mechanics as this was the first time that we really saw this game with a name. (we saw a tech demo years ago of the face sculpting with the move controller)
All in all, these are more atypical games. They are open-ended and require more from the gamer than just follow simple objectives. It's not everybody's cup of tea. But, I for one welcome the change.

-Gespenst-1271d ago

I just wish there was more of a background narrative to No Man's Sky. It'd be cool if, over the course of your explorations, you stumbled upon all kinds of weird things and could piece together a huge mystery. No directions or missions, just gradually accumulating pieces of the puzzle. The whole idea that the centre of the galaxy is the goal is just too simple. Spore did that and it was so disappointing.

They should include weird artifacts and ruins and dungeons and stuff. There doesn't need to be a mission-based structure, or any distinct objectives, but just knowing that there's a mystery out there to be pieced together would be enough. Instead, there's no real tangible goal. Manage trade routes? Fight meaningless dogfights? Sounds painfully dull to me.

I'm also not entirely convinced the range of worlds the game can generate is that diverse. They all look like Spore planets. Finding cool flora and fauna and geographical features is cool, but the range of things to be found just seems lacking. In Spore, the diversity of the creatures was spoiled by the fact that they were so transparently generated by the same creature creator. It was like, "Oh look, there's eye 1 and horn 5."

I might get this game, but I'm just not sold on it yet. Also, planets are hardly life-sized, as I've heard them say. If you want life-sized planets, have a gander at the Outerra engine - sick scale.

iceman061271d ago

I agree with you to the extent that they haven't shown enough for some people to really get into the game. You have to piece together information from interviews to get the full idea of what Hello Games is trying to do. That being said, we really don't know WHAT intricacies (if any) will be involved in the journey to the center of the universe. I also agree that there will definitely be a limit to the randomness of their created worlds. (at least visually) Though they have been meticulous in their creation of the formula for it, there's only so much visual randomness that can occur with the planets.
However, that hasn't spoiled me one bit on wanting experience it. It's just kind of cool knowing that you could be the first to see something.(including the very developers that created the game) Kinda makes you feel like a member of the starship Enterprise.
That being said, I completely understand people's hesitance and apprehension about the game. It's not going to be for everyone. It's more open-ended and will require a bit more from the gamer (in terms of imagination and finding your fun) than the average game. Less Michael Bay and more niche indie film I guess.