Xenoblade Chronicles X’s director on building an RPG for multiple audiences

Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi talked with GamesBeat at E3 about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I'm exceptionally happy with the way they've done Xenoblade X so far.
At first I was worried about the voice acting, but they've done a SUPERB job with the choice of VA's. They're very pleasant to listen to.
They just need to get that lip synching done for the west and they'll be golden.

If I had to add one thing to it that it doesn't have, it would be a special nod to the first game.
Specifically, I'd add in a menu that would feature lots of music from Xenoblade Chronicles, and allow you to toggle which bits of music you'd like to hear when in different areas. (example: Colony 6 and 9 music for New LA, and various battle themes from both early and late game in the original game)

Music is one of the most frequent complaints about the game so having that option for the sake of the fans would be a nice treat.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to the game this December.
Can't wait to hop into my mech, Trail Blazer, for the first time.^_^

Maybay1122d ago

I agree, and I'm hyped about this game also.

Going off topic here, isn't it a shame how "certain gamers" only care about negative news? Tons of degrees for acticles stating Nintendo's failures, and barely any for upcoming future Wii U titles as epic as this?

Management is really letting this place go.

Gemmol1122d ago

Nintendo failures can make a article have over 200 comments, Nintendo doing well, will have a article having 20 comments. The truth of the matter, the sony and xbox fans do not post in the Nintendo section unless they failing at something. If you look at sony and microsoft section they have tons of comments on their articles all the time, while Nintendo articles barely get half, so for a Nintendo article to have over 100 comments, you already know its a negative article on Nintendo, thats the only way Sony and Microsoft fans leave their side to come to Nintendo Articles. The other thing I notice they are very consistent, if a article do not have 100 comments, then the news must not be negative enough to bring them over.

ZeekQuattro1121d ago

Its gotten worse since that E3 Direct. I actually saw an article discussing how bad it looks for Nintendo because after the Direct their stock went down .60.... It closed at 20.00. Can't make that ish up. lmao